Sunday , May 5 2019
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Breaking Free From A Toxic Relationship

        A toxic relationship and storms caused by such passion and too much love is just one of the top reasons clients call me to seek advice and comfort. Such turbulence can have far-reaching effects that you may not recognize, and we are going to look at …

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Ways To Find True Love

          This month means a fresh possibilities for your romantic life and the chance to meet your true love too. If 2017 brought you heartache, rejection, frustration, and anxiety about never finding the right match, you can make 2018 your moment to claim your true love. …

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Slow Down To Meet The Right One

         My close friend Macy who is so spiritual and smart once told me, while discussing a life decision. “Slow down girl. Don’t go so fast, never rush!” Her voice was peaceful but authoritative while see cited many instances of rushing and how dangerous it can be. …

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Should Marriage Last Forever?

           Do you ever think that marriage should have an expiration date? If not, it should! I believe marriages should expire periodically so partners can freely evaluate if they want to continue living a life with their partner or not. I have many clients that call me …

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