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Getting Ready For 2018

     New Year always gives us the opportunity to change those things that no longer bring us joy, or pull in the things that will! Time can be our friend in this process, for as it flows forward, we can latch onto that movement and move our life ahead with much more ease. The calendar change from 2017 to 2018 is a spiritual change that can set you up for a better, happier life so here’s how to create something new and wonderful in 2018.

It Starts Before the New Year

Think about what you want to create before the New Year starts. Find something that symbolizes what you want and choose a way to express those wishes creatively. Gather your supplies. I like to burn some sage or incense or use a drop or two of essential oils to set the mood too. You can also put on some soothing music if you like and make sure the phone is off and you have some private time and space.

Write a Letter or Create a Dream Board or Diorama

Write what you want to manifest in 2018 on a pretty piece of paper with a colored pen, and add a doodle or pictures from magazines. You can also create a dream board on some construction paper or poster board, or even use a small shoe or food box to create a diorama. It’s important to let your inner child come to life and have fun with it!

Physical Representations of What You Want

If you want more beach time then use a sand dollar and some sand to represent it. How about more time for self-love? Find a picture of a person doing yoga and surround it with miniature or sticker versions of veggies and fruit. Would you like financial abundance? Just collect images of shiny pennies or gold bars. Want to fall in love? Collect images of hearts, images of couples, and interconnected circles too. You can certainly find everything you need at a craft store or around your home.

See Yourself Doing It in the New Year

As you create each image, “see” yourself doing what that image represents. In this way, you are opening your mind to not only make space for that new thing but you are also training your mind, body, and spirit to “attract” that energy into your life! It’s the same process that I use to make resolutions too. You need to “see” yourself free of those old habits in order to break them. Just see yourself living your life in the way you desire and embrace the way life feels with this new energy in it too.

Make sure you keep that reminder (your letter, dream board or diorama) in a place where you will see it and remind yourself of the energy and desire that inspired you to create it in the first place. If you keep thinking of those new energies and keep seeing yourself doing those things, your mind will take over and keep you moving in the right direction!

Remember that you are in the driver’s seat of your life. I know you’ll be happy when you think of this chance to move your life forward as a new you!

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