Walking Away from People You Love

When a breakup happens or someone ends a relationship, everyone focuses on the person that was left behind after the breakup.

People always worry about how this person is feeling and how they were able to handle their emotions even after all of the pain. People often believe that walking away is something that is easy to do.

Is Leaving Easy?

Many people think that when someone leaves a relationship that this is the easiest thing that they can do and that the person leaving doesn’t have any emotions or doesn’t feel anything when they walk away. The truth is, why would they walk away if they really had emotions, right?

Walking Away is Hard!

The situation of walking away from someone is hard, especially if you walk away and you still love them. It is different when you leave someone that you love and you have other options but when you realize that you love this person and there is no future for your relationship, this makes things even harder.

When You Stop Loving You

Sometimes loving your partner means that you have to stop loving yourself and when you realize this, you realize you need to love yourself more. This can leave so many emotions, especially when you decide to choose yourself over them.

The only way to walk away from someone that makes your heart hurt, even if you love them, is to just do it.

There will be times when someone that you love makes you feel like you are losing yourself and that you have no control over their actions. You will see that if you stay with this person then you will lose yourself and you will have more bad things that happen to you than the good that a relationship is supposed to be.

Feeling Miserable

When someone makes you feel miserable and makes you hate yourself, when you are sadder more than you are happy, chances are fighting for the relationship is not for you.

Putting In Too Much Effort

You put in too much effort of trying to be with someone that doesn’t want to put effort in. Someone that you aren’t compatible with will never work out with you. This is the kind of relationship that isn’t meant to be.

When you reconsider your life, you see that if you are in a toxic relationship, it will destroy your mind and your body.

Once you realize that this is not working out for you, you might keep trying to figure out if you are giving in too much or you might wander if there is something else you can do to make it work. This might make you feel that you are a bad person for not fighting harder or that you are weak and that you only care about yourself.

Losing Your Happiness

Maybe you are in a relationship that you can’t handle anymore. The problems are too many and you know that you can never win. You have chosen this person over your happiness from the first time ever.

You Are Brave and Strong!

You aren’t weak and you are brave. You are someone that is able to walk away when you need to. Your feelings are strong, and you have to listen to your heart because if your relationship isn’t good, then you need to move on.

You are strong enough to decide what is the best for you. You are enough and you should feel enough. If you aren’t, you need to walk away, and this is good for your heart to not have to feel like you are unworthy.

If you walk away from a bad relationship, it means that you are smart enough to save yourself and your heart from more pain. You should be proud of who you are and what you have done. Even if no one considers your feelings, know that you are strong.