About Psychic888

Over the years I have visited all sorts of psychics. I have sat in living rooms and kitchens, parted the glass bead decorations over the doorway, and seen the inside of the offices of well-known mediums in various cities around the country. You never really know where you’ll actually find psychic inspiration, or who will give you a message that could change your life.

When I first started visiting psychics, I went with friends who knew I was curious about the spiritual world and what that meant for my life. They recommended psychics they had gone to before, and as I grew more comfortable talking to psychics I was able to learn what to look for in a psychic that I could trust and connect with.

Not unlike my dating experience, this trial and error method of learning gave me insight into the world of psychic readers, as well as a knowledge of the scams people try to pull. I wanted to create a way for people to avoid the pitfalls of fraudulent psychics without damaging the reputations of people who do have true spiritual reading abilities.

My name is Delores Maxfield, and I created this website to give others an important resource they could use to find reliable online psychics. Going to a physical location doesn’t work for everyone, and getting a psychic reading online can be fast, easy, and eye-opening. No matter how you want to get a psychic reading, there are options for you that don’t involve falling for the many scammers and frauds that unfortunately exist in this industry.

This website caters to people who are looking for a reliable psychic. Just like looking up movie reviews or other customers’ thoughts on a new restaurant, having a psychic that has been rated and reviewed by their clients can help you make the best decision, even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to do research.

Whether or not you have time to pick and experiment with different psychics, this website is designed to give you more information on how to choose a psychic, red flags to watch out for, and mostly to give you an opportunity to connect with your own psychic energy and purpose. Finding a genuine psychic that you can trust can open doors for answers in your life.

I know I’ve learned a lot from my psychic readings, and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn more about yourself, too!

-Delores Maxfield