download (1)As a general rule, the biggest difference between “friend” signals and signaling romantic or sexual interest is, well, sex. Attraction is, after all, a mix of emotional and physical chemistry; if all you you are doing is trying to build an emotional connection while neglecting the physical aspects, then you’re going to have a platonic relationship instead of a sexual one.

Not all flirting can be taken seriously. Sometimes people engage in harmless flirting, just to make themselves feel better. They may also flirt to get what they want—whether it’s an extra cut of meat at the deli, free dry cleaning or closing a business deal in their favor. So how do you know for sure when someone is flirting with you because they’re attracted to you? How can you tell if they’re flirting just to get their way? Is flirting their way of being friendly?

Smiling and Eye Contact 

You don’t have a lot to lose by being friendly. Your pride isn’t really at stake. But when it comes to flirting, there’s plenty more at risk. That’s probably why many people are so subtle in their flirting. And it’s also why you think your flirting is more obvious than it actually is. Friendliness and flirting both involve smiling and eye contact, and that’s what trips people up. If we’re not sure we’re being flirted with, it’s our default mode to assume someone is just being friendly. So if you are romantically interested in someone, your best bet is to be more forward with your intentions and leave no doubt in their mind that you want to be more than friends. Consider doing more than extra smiling and eye contact.

Body Talk

images (9)If someone is flirting with you, they are going to draw attention to their assets. Women may try to impress potential soulmates by emphasizing their physical traits (body, eyes, hair and lips) while men may prefer to accentuate their successes (big house, expensive car and nice clothes). But when it comes to infatuation, both women and men are willing to show their submissive side, which is often evident in their body language. In other words, pay attention to how they act around you. Are they doing things to impress you? Are they showing you their submissive side? If they are, there’s a good chance they’re flirting with you.

Flirting With Everyone

As I said before, people flirt all the time without any intention of it turning into something serious. They do it because they crave attention and they enjoy the attention they get. It’s not so much about the people they’re flirting with as it is about how it makes them feel. So, what you should be watching for is the way they flirt. If they’re flirting with you and then they flirt with someone else, using the same technique, there’s a good chance they aren’t interested in a romantic relationship with you. but if they’re treating you different and they’re focusing all their attention on you, there’s a good chance they’d like to take things to the next level. Even people who flirt with everyone will take the extra time to make sure the person they’re attracted to feels special.

James Bond

download (2)If you’re familiar with James Bond, you know that when he saw someone he was attracted to, he let them know. He never missed an opportunity to smile and flirt with the hope that it would turn into something more. He was confident and clear in his intentions. Be like James Bond and go after what you want!

If you’re interested in someone, what’s the worst that can happen? Rejection? That’s fine. What if they think you’re just being friendly? That’s okay. There are plenty of other people to flirt with and if you do it right, someone will be receptive to it.