Know You Should Be Together

There are some people that you just feel like have come into your life for a purpose. This feels like destiny to you, and they have made your life better.

Some of us have been lucky to meet someone that we know what we should be with, but how can, you be sure?

Here are some ways to know you should be together:

Open Communication

When you are with your person, you can read them verbally and non-verbally. Most of the time you know what they want and need, and they don’t even have to talk to you. You don’t have to communicate with each other without talking but sometimes you don’t even have to open your mouth to say just what is needed to be said.

This person will be able to read your face and how you walk and the way that your body speaks to them.

Being You

No matter what you do in your life, this person will want you to be who you are all the time. Our friends and family don’t always allow us to be free, but this person will love who you are, what you look like and your personality.

The person you should be with will never make you feel that you have to fake who you are, and they want you just as you are.

They Protect You

A person that wants to be with you will protect you. They will protect their love and they will make sure that you are happy and safe. They will show you the hero instinct because they want to be everything that you want them to be and everything that you need them to be.

Joy Is in The Relationship

You will laugh with this person, and you will know that they bring you joy. This doesn’t mean that they are a comedian or even someone funny, but they will do what it takes to make you smile and laugh.

This person will bring you joy, and peace and you will love to laugh together.

They Make You a Better Person

This person will want you to have the best. They will be your partner and they will not let their ego take control of the relationship. They will want to be their best, but they will want you to have everything you desire.

They will have every wish that you have because they want you to be successful and to show off the potential that they see in you. They will have unconditional love for you.

They Have the Same Beliefs

It is important to find someone that has the same values and beliefs that you have.  This will allow you to be able to be intimate with each other and to be on the same levels in issues that are important to you.

You know that you are meant to be with this person when you share the same feelings on the big issues.

They Are There for You

No matter what happens, this person will be there for you. They will text you, check on you, spoil you, make promises and keep them and they will commit their time to you.

They will show up for you and will give you attention that you need and make sure that you are peaceful and happy.

They Make You Feel at Home

A relationship that is real is one that makes you feel happy and is easy. When you are with this person, you will feel that you are home. You will have a deep connection with them, and you will see that your relationship is up more than down.

This person will make you feel happy, calm, safe and will give you a life that is stable. Even when things are hard, they will be there for you.

You Stay When It’s Hard

Even when things are hard, like we said, you will stay with this person, and they will stay with you. They stay because they know that you need them, and they need you. Even though every relationship has problems sometimes, the communication that you have with each other will keep the relationship strong. This relationship brings you more good days than bad days.

They Give You Advice

The person that you are meant to be with will be one that gives you good advice. They will try to guide you because they will have intuition to guide you the right way. They will help you when things are hard at your job or with your family. They will know what you need.

You Feel Together

Your partner will be someone that you know up and down and in and out. They are perfect for you because they know you and you know them. They don’t want you to change because they love you for who you are.

They tell you what they need and what they want in life, and they know that you support them. Even though you and your partner are not the same person, you sometimes feel like it.

You Set Goals Together

All relationships are hard but when you are not able to have the same goals, this can put a strain on any relationship. When you are with the right person though, you will set goals together. You will decide when you want to get married or start a family.

This is the kind of relationship that will help you both to move forward and the universe will help you to get where you need to be.

You Understand One Another

Sometimes you might think that this person can even read your mind. You seem to know just what the other person is thinking all the time. They are able to answer your questions before you even speak, and you have inside jokes that no one would ever get but this person.

You Are Both Ready

You and your partner are ready for each other because you are in the same place. You are in the stage in your life that the other person isn’t trying to catch up to. They are with you wherever you are.

If you need things to be slow, they will take it slow. They want to take the relationship to the same place that you do, and this will help it to be perfect.

You Really Know Them

This will be someone that you know is meant to be with you. You know them and you feel like you might have even known them forever. This means that they are your soulmate.

You Love Their Flaws

When you love the flaws that your partner has and they love your flaws, this becomes a perfect match. Everyone has flaws and when we have someone that loves them or overlooks them, they are the person for you.

They Help You to Keep Going

No matter what happens and what you are going through, they will challenge you to move forward. They will look at what you are thinking and feeling, and they will challenge you so that you can improve your life.

They will help you to see who you are and to find out a way to be better.

They Feel Your Hurt

When you are hurting, this person is hurting, too. They will be there if you are sad, hurting, angry or no matter what you are feeling. Not only are they there for you, but they will also feel your pain. They will help you to work through hard days.

You Feel Like You Have Known Them Forever

This will be someone that you feel like you have known forever. They will make you feel that you have talked to them, seen them or that you know them from top to bottom.

There is a Spiritual and Sexual Connection

This person gives you more than just care and peace, but they also turn you on. They share their feelings with you, and they love to be with you in the bed. This happens because you have a strong spiritual connection and that is a major turn on.

Final Thoughts

Chances are that you already know if you are with someone that you will be with forever. If you aren’t really sure, you need to look at the signs above and find out if you and your partner share these things.

When you are in a relationship that you are unsure of, talk to an advisor and see what kind of relationship advise they can give you. When you are at a loss, talk to a relationship coach and let them help you to know what steps to take to find out if your relationship will last or if you need to move on in your life.