There are many people who come across a dream that has some kind of a very sexual perversion in it. Some even have actual sexual release through those dreams and If  ever you find yourself in any sexual dream, please know that the spirit of lust is attacking you to take you captive. The evil also does this by planting seeds and tempting you through your desires in the day.

Again, the question many people have is does this happen to a child of God. My answer would be yes, children of God will be the ones the enemy will most target. He is after your walk with God remember? In such case, be careful not to let guilt of the sin in the dream take you away from God. God perfectly understands you and He is your Father. He wants you to run to Him and not run away from Him.

I met a man who would have an attractive woman that would come to him every night for more than a decade and have sex with him in the dream. During this, that woman would turn into a beast. He was so bound to that spirit and by it that he had no desire for his wife. But thank God for the power of God that still exists to free such people who are facing these kinds of demonic attacks.

That is why dreams of the sexual kind, should not be taken lightly – wage war against the enemy. If you begin to enjoy that cute girl in the dream and let it go on, you are letting yourself open to the danger of being actually possessed. And no, it is not about the cute girl, but the evil spirit behind that dream.

A strong man or women of God will immediately know this is a sign to get into prayer and warfare against anything that is trying to pervert your soul.

Dealing With It

Remember the greater your destiny, the greater the enemy will try all kinds of methods to take you away God. Yes even through dreams.

1. Guard Your Mind

You need to start dealing with this issue by first guarding yourself from what you feed your mind in the day. Feed yourself with the word and not with the world, and you will notice that the outcome will be different. 

2. Be Quick to Shut the Doors to the Enemy

Quickly wake up (or whenever you remember in the day) and ask the Lord to forgive any lustful sins that may have led to such dreams. Shut any doors you may have opened for the enemy to enter. Confess that you are a child of God and take authority over the enemy and ask the devil to leave in Jesus name!

These kinds of dreams are also possible, when another man or woman who is interested in you uses black magic or the kind to get you in their trap. But thanks to the blood of Jesus that is still powerful to break every stronghold of the enemy.

3. Confess Your Sins and Take Authority

If you have these kind of repeated dreams that is holding you captive in sin, it is important that you confess your sins and take authority over its power. If you have been struggling to do it on your own, find a genuine man of God, share your problem and ask for prayer.

4. Keep Fighting

Also please remember, most of the times, these levels of attacks, do not go away overnight. The enemy will try to fight and come back to you repeatedly. Keep on waging the war till the devil is totally defeated. Apply the blood of Jesus on your spirit, heart, mind and body. Keeping your life in God’s light with prayer and the Word of God will help you to remain pure by not opening the doors for the enemy to infiltrate.

5. What You Soak in is What You Bring-Forth

Make it a habit to shut yourself away from your phones, TV, laptop or the likes much before the time you go to bed. What you soak in is what you bring-forth. The last few hours before you sleep, spend time soaking in God. Play some worship music and be lost in His love. That way your spirit is tuned out from the world and tuned into the Spirit to receive Godly dreams and direction – may be even audibly!