Avoid Slowing Down

shutterstock_54056875You expect to bring about change when you set your resolutions, whether it’s to cut down your weight, improve your financials or find your true love. When we first set our goals, they’re shiny and new, just like a brand new car. They run like the wind! But as time goes on, resolutions start to slow down.

Be Firm

No matter how excited we get about our resolutions, they can be hard to keep. Think about your resolutions over the last few years. How many of them ran out of gas before you saw them through to completion? But this year can be different. Here are four tips that will keep your 2016 resolutions running.

One Step At A Time
If where you are right now is far from where you want to be, create resolutions that feel doable. They shouldn’t be so out of reach that you can’t see yourself accomplishing them in a relatively short period of time. For example, let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds. Don’t focus on the 50 pounds. Instead focus on the first five or the first 10. You can even focus on the first pound! Accomplishing a small, doable goal will give you the confidence you need to tackle bigger ones.tattoo-girl-love-vintage-drawing-Favim.com-470392

Each Day is a New Beginning

You don’t need to wait until New Year’s Eve to make your resolutions—every day is a fresh start. So if your resolution stalled a few weeks into 2016, don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t give up! Tomorrow is a new day and new chance to try again.

Analyze Your Resolutions Daily

Write your resolutions or intentions down and keep the list by your bedside. Every morning, before you get out of bed, review your resolutions. Implant them firmly into your head and remind yourself of them as you go about your day. You may also want to keep a copy of them on your phone to ensure that they’re always with you. Have fun with it! Use colorful sticky notes and clip pictures that represent your resolutions. Place reminders on your fridge or even in the bathroom.

Be Proud

For every successful step you take, reward yourself. Making a resolution is worthy of a reward. Every doable step you take deserves a reward, as do all the small goals you meet. Be sure to be grateful and appreciate your own efforts.

Make It A Habit

Think about your resolutions years from now. They won’t be resolutions then; they’ll be good habits! And when it’s time to make resolutions and set your intentions again, you can refer back to these four tips to help manifest a better version of you.