Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides but there are different terms that surround the idea of spirit guides and what they do. Everyone has these guides but not all of the guides are the same. The way that you communicate and thew ay that you speak to your spirit guides can help you to have a deeper connection.

Understanding Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are those that come to the physical realm to help those that are in need of guidance. They are made up of energy in the universe. The vibrations that the spirit guides have is stronger and the guides will work with you to help you on your soul journey.

Types of Spirit Guides

There are personal spirit guides and working spirit guides. Most people have three or more spirit guides that are personal guides. No matter if you have more guides than this, the guides are going to be there for you from your birth until your death.

Personal Guides

Here are the personal guides that you have:

Main Spirit Guides

These are the guides that are there to help your soul change and evolve. They are there to help you to face things in your soul that are hard. The soul makes up your memories and your feelings.

The lessons that you have to learn help you to go through your enlightenment and help you to overcome the self-situations such as the ego that hold you back.

Guardian Angel Spirit Guides

These are the guides that help you to stay safe. They come behind you and in front of you and they protect you in everything that you do.

Gatekeeper Spirit Guides

These guides are the Door Keepers. They protect you and they help you to reach your highest good. They don’t give you guidance, but they protect you.

These guides are not pretty to look at and they are there to just make sure that things that aren’t meant to come into your life don’t. If you have ever been in a situation that you feel worried or uneasy about, the Gatekeeper is there to make sure that you are safe from these things.

Knowing Your Personal Spirit Guides

Since you have your own guides, they are there for you. They are there hoping that you will connect with them and that you will communicate with them. Take time to meditate and talk to these guides and remember that they are there to support you and to give you advice.

Your Gatekeeper is going to be a guard to you to protect you and to make sure that evil doesn’t come to you.

Working Spirit Guides

These are guides that are there to do different kinds of tasks. They have a goal for you. Here are some of these kinds of guides:

  • Psychics and mediums: They are insightful and change your energies to the good.
  • Channeling guides: They help you to reach into the spiritual world.
  • Spirit animals: They are your personal guides, and they have a specific function. They help to get rid of cords or attachments that are connected to you.
  • Teaching guides: These guides will help you evolve and change.

Knowing Your Spiritual Guides

You can know your spiritual guides by talking to them. Connect with them on a deep level by meditating and asking them to come to you. Let them teach you things and be open to listening to what they are telling you.