Narcissist Predators

You have finally found your soulmate after waiting for so many years and he knows you just like you thought he should. He taught you things about yourself that you didn’t know, and this is the guy that must be the one that is your lifelong love. The truth is that you have to be careful that you are not falling into a trap.

If you have been on the look out for someone for a long time and you are looking for someone to know you on a deeper level, chances are that you are a target for people that might be wounded or people that have serious problems. Maybe you, yourself need some healing and you need to reach your higher self before you dig deep into a relationship.

If you are working with a healer and they are telling you who you are, remember, they are just telling a story about your life and they are not solving your problems for you. The healer is there to lead you in the right direction and then it is up to you.

If you are the healer or the therapist and you are telling others what they are doing wrong or right, make sure you help by evaluating what kind of help they need and help them in their mind and soul. If something seems temporary, chances are it is and it will quickly wear off and something new will come along, and this can be a person, as well.

When you have been seeking long lasting love, you might realize that you feel that you need someone so that you can have a good change in your life. Your healer needs to be asking you questions and not telling you what you want to hear but helping you to see the truth.

You have to figure out what you need, and you have to look at the choices that you have so you can be aware of what is going on. If you feel that you are wounded and you are looking for someone in your life to make you feel better or if you feel lonely, you are setting yourself up for a relationship that might not help you.

When you are a healed person and you have something missing inside of you, you need to learn to love who you are and you do not need someone in your life to make you feel like a good person. You need to learn to love who you are, and you need to be careful about who you choose to be with so that you can make sure their behaviors are not hurtful to you.

If you are with someone that is helping you become a better person, but they seem to be doing the opposite, chances are they are a narcissist and you do not need that in your life.

When you date a narcissist, it can be a mental order and you have to learn to be able to take up for yourself and set boundaries. A narcissist can be a predator because they have strong intuition and they know how to target people. A predator knows your weaknesses and they know their victims well and they learn to appeal with you and gain your trust before they become someone else.

A person that compliments you too fast in the relationship or too much might be showing predatorial behaviors. They might try to pressure you or declare their love constantly to you or make you feel emotionally blackmailed.  Pay attention to red flags.

If you are not able to tell the actions of someone to see if they care for you, chances are you are in a bad relationship and you need to move away from this love. Nothing you can do can be good enough for this type of person.

No one is able to evaluate you without you asking them to and you have a right to say what you are feeling or to not. You have to be able to set boundaries and even if they are giving you loving criticism, you need to be careful about what they are saying and how they are talking to you.

Do not let people put you down or to say things that might hurt you. When you are healing, you have to be very strict in who you let in your life. Do not let people come in your life that are not healthy and that do not want to stay in the boundaries.

As you grow stronger, learn to become who you are on your own and then meet people that love you and respect you for the strong person you are. Do not ignore any red flags and make sure that you are always setting boundaries.