Nothing is certain in life…. not love, not happiness, not success but the only thing certain is that we’re living a life full of uncertainty. This uncertainty can be far ranging and include everything from self-doubts to external factors in your relationship, career and the world at large.

While only the most adventurous folks might take comfort in the ambiguity that comes from not knowing what adventure is around the corner, many more find comfort in the safety, stability and security of their daily life. However, the world is complex, and that stability is always at risk. How do you find that comfort when the stability that you’ve worked so hard to build is at the mercy of uncertain times? By shifting your perspective, you can help yourself overcome uncertain times without giving into a plague of fear and doubt.

Tip 1: Label It Fear and Let It Go

It’s a fact that fear and doubt will creep into your life, and while you should never totally ignore fear, you should label it fear and let it go. When you label your fear, you acknowledge it, which allows you to determine if it’s a rational fear that will keep you safe from likely harm or an irrational fear that will keep you from taking a necessary and calculated risk. Given that taking a calculated risk is often necessary for advancement, you need to learn how to let the fear go. Tell yourself that this is your fear and that you are letting it go—and visualize it leaving your hand and rising above the clouds like an escaped balloon.

Tip 2: Let Go of Control

Often the fear of the unknown comes from the desire to control all aspects of a situation. By acting on the need to control every aspect of a situation, you may be setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. Remind yourself that in any given situation there are factors that you can control and factors that are outside of your control. Instead of focusing on the doubt and anxiety created by the factors outside of your control, turn the spotlight on what is in your control to increase your chances of success.

Tip 3: Trust Yourself

Having confidence in yourself will go a long way to helping you overcome uncertain times with a positive outlook. By trusting your skills and knowledge base, you will have a better understanding of when to follow your intuition when appropriate and when to seek outside assistance without second guessing yourself. Having trust in yourself will help you find security and stability within yourself instead of external factors that are prone to change.

Whether you’re facing a period of transition in a romantic relationship or your career, these tips can help you overcome the uncertain times that are all too sure to happen in your life. By focusing inward on factors that you can control, you can give yourself the tools you need to overcome, if not triumph, in spite of doubt and uncertainty.