Reasons to Never Go Back to a Cheater

It seems like most people now days have had to deal with their partner being unfaithful to them. Or we all know someone who has been cheated on or someone who has cheated. This is something that is not uncommon.

We also probably all know someone that has forgiven their boyfriend or girlfriend for cheating on them, and they have made the decision to try and make the relationship work even after infidelity.

This can sometimes work out and the couple can end up being happy and living a good life together. When the partner sees that they have done wrong and they choose to change and not to do it again, chances are they can make the relationship work but this isn’t usually what happens. Most of the time someone will decide to forgive their partner but then it will happen again.

Those that choose to forgive their partner that cheats on them and decides to stay together often have a relationship that ends in some kind of disaster. Here are some reasons to never go back to a cheater:

Always Sorry

A cheater that is always cheating and apologizing has a problem. They tend to have behaviors that never really show that they are sorry, even though they are saying they are. The feelings of sadness and remorse that they say they have will sometimes only last until they get the chances to cheat again.

When the cheater is caught and they aren’t the one that has to come clean with their transgression, they are normally not really sorry for hurting their partner but sorrier for getting caught.

If your partner has cheated and they aren’t coming clean on their own, chances are they aren’t sorry.

No Trust

Whatever the reason was that your partner cheated, you will always remember that this happened. You will always have in your mind the fact that they cheated.

If your partner cheated on someone like your best friend or someone at their job, this can be harder to get over. You might never trust that they are going where they say they are or that they are doing what they say they are.

Not Enough Love

One of the best reasons to end it with a cheater is that when a person cheats on you, chances are that they don’t have enough love for you. Even if this is hard to accept, you have to accept that your partner wouldn’t cheat on you if they really loved you.

They Keep Doing It

A cheater will often continue to cheat. They might not have sexual relationships but if they are having an emotional affair with someone or cheating on a subconscious level, this can be just as bad or worse.

This means that your cheating partner will think that you will just get over it and you will accept that they are just who they are.

They Make You Feel Bad

Cheating is not something that is easy to deal with and it can make you feel bad. It can make you feel that you are a terrible partner or that you have done something to make your partner unhappy.

There is No Balance

When the relationship has no balance, it means that you are the one that is always giving, and your partner is the one that is always taking. The balance will be even worse if you deal with a cheating partner.

A person that has a cheating partner will always hear promises that end up broken and lies that are never resolved.

There Are People That Would Never Cheat

By going back to your cheating partner, it means that you will never find someone that will be a good partner to you. There are people in this world that would value you and would value the relationship that you would give.

No one should have to be hurt to see that they are meaningful and that they are good. If your partner has cheated on you and they make you feel that you aren’t good enough, this is a prime reason to never go back to them.

Final Thoughts

If a partner has cheated on you, chances are that the relationship will never be as strong as it was in the beginning. You have to make the decision if you are going to try and work it out or if you are going to move on.

Never let someone make you feel that you aren’t good enough. It isn’t a mistake to stay with someone that cheated on you, but it is a mistake to stay with someone that doesn’t see a problem with their actions. The trust that you had for this person will be gone and it could take a lifetime to rebuild it.

Being cheated on is unfair and you deserve something better. If you are in the situation where your partner has cheated on you, figure out if you want to go back with them or move forward and find something better.