My close friend Macy who is so spiritual and smart once told me, while discussing a life decision. “Slow down girl. Don’t go so fast, never rush!” Her voice was peaceful but authoritative while see cited many instances of rushing and how dangerous it can be. Of course, there are instances when the time is of the essence, still slowing your roll gives you time to evaluate better the situation at hand.
Macy and I weren’t driving, we were discussing life in general and though it seemed generic and cliché’ at the time for her to tell me not to rush, there is an abundance of truth behind why moving fast is rarely good. My friend’s words didn’t sink in until years later, yeah it takes a while sometimes. Yet after a slurry of rush attempts failed miserably, I slowed down fast.

1. Slowing down shows caution and being cautious is super-smart. 
There are reasons to be cautious – “Cautious as a serpent, innocent as a dove.”, right? There’s a reason for a yellow light at an intersection where being cautious can literally mean life or death. It’s that serious.

2. Growing patience – I mean seriously everyone can develop more patience, right? 
We are continuously warned of patience, safeguarding our hearts, being slow to anger, and a myriad of other wisdom weaved through all the most inspirational resources made available to mankind today that mention the wisdom behind moving slowly. Take in the wisdom and remember all the scripture and messages you’ve ever heard about being ‘slow’ and remember that patience is the ultimate act of love.

3. Moving slow means you have time to collect all the data. 
Moving slowly gives us the obvious advantage of being able to take everything in along the way. As psychics, in our world, it means endless observations for clarity. By pulling all the data we can better get a feel for and determine the right choice. Information is power and powerful. The outcome is a smart decision vs. a hasty one.
4. Whether it’s life in general, love or while you’re driving – slowing down is always smart.
It’s easy to want to rush when in fact slowing down gets you to your destination quicker. Rushing doesn’t make sense when you think about how it can set you back versus getting you to where you want to be.
Are you making a relationship decision? Is something in your life making you anxious and you fear time is of the essence There are certain instances where moving fast is also smart? To learn the difference and to get help with your situation contact a psychic advisor today who will help you make the right decision based on wisdom vs. emotion.