Soul Contract

You experience different things in your lifetime and some of this can happen because of soul contracts. There are different things you will face such as traumas that cause you to have soul contracts. When you face times that are hard, they help you to face your fears.

We do not always change and reach our spiritual purpose at the same time. Of course, we want to do this as fast as we can, but we want to make sure that we are not hurting others along the way and that we are reaching our mission in life.

The journey that you have will be different than the journey that other people have. Your family and your friends might not understand the things that you go through, but this is the part of your life that is strictly for yourself.

You change spiritually and you develop a higher consciousness so that you can become your higher self. If you want to elevate and expand, you have to want to grow and to let go of things that have hurt you or things that are holding you back.

People have a hard time letting things go but you need to be willing to change and to create your path to your spiritual journey. The universe gives you a special map or a blueprint once you get to the earth and that is what you will do over your lifetime.

Each life is designed to help you to be more aware of what is going on around you and to allow your soul the ability to grow and change.

We have the opportunity to change and to make plans in our lives as we go along our journey and with free will, the map that we have before us can change but the major things that are destined for us are set and will be our fate or destiny.

Soul evolution is where you can get rid of your fear, even though this is hard and learn to change. You can let go of things that are hurtful to you and you can learn to accept what life gives you so that you can continue through your journey. Letting go is hard but you will be rewarded through your grief.

You are never left alone to deal with things, and you need to know that you have your spiritual guides, your angels, ancestors, and others that will help you along your journey. Sometimes you will find that you are moving through life in a way that seems almost like a fairy tale.

When your soul develops, you  realize that your reactions and your emotions might feel suppressed or hidden but as you learn to let go of things, you learn that you are able to stop blaming others and accept what life offers you.

We choose to change and to allow our soul to evolve. We do this because it allows our souls to be fulfilled and it helps us to experience things in life that others get to experiences.

You will know that you are being successful in your changing when you see things start to happen that are right for you. There will be signs and events that happen that will bring goodness and peace in your life. You will feel lighter, you will find happiness and peace.

There will be people that come into your life that help you to fulfill your journey. When you are frustrated or feel like giving up, just remember that you have the universe on your side, and you can accomplish anything that you want to do.