Unconditional Love to Raise the Vibes

We should always work to have compassion and kindness for others.  This is often the missing parts of reaching humanity and when it is lacking it can cause division and separation between people. We cannot come up with other ideas to fix this without making more problems and if we want to raise our vibrations, we have to learn to show kindness, compassion and forgiveness for others.

Vibrational Frequency

There are vibrations that you are always surrounded by and these change based on your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Other things like your memories and the places that you are at can change this. The vibrations that you have with your thoughts and feelings rise and fall each day.

The issues that you face in life and the environment that you are in can help to raise your vibrations or to lower them, depending on what is going on around you. When your vibes are lower, it can cause you to face things such as:

• Anger.
• Sadness.
• Judgement.
• Disappointment.
• Comparisons.
• Hurt.
• Fear.

All of these are normal human emotions but as you are able to change your thoughts to be more positive, you can make your vibrations stronger. One way to have higher vibrations is to connect your heart with others and to show them things such as:

• Love.
• Compassion.
• Forgiveness.
• Appreciation.
• Kindness.

Doing this can help you to have less stress and a more positive outlook on life.

Raising the Vibrations of Others

When you love someone, it is easy to raise their vibrations. But, when you don’t love someone, you can still raise their vibrations to be stronger and to be more positive. As you are with your family and friends, you can see that the environment can be either positive or negative.

If you have a positive environment, your feelings and thoughts will be positive, and it will raise the vibrations of the whole room. The same thing can happen in a negative environment and can change the room to have a lower vibration.

Higher Vibes

When you have a higher vibration, you will see that you can increase things that are important such as your intuition. This will help you to make better choices and to have less stress in your life. You will be able to reason more and to be secure in the decisions that you make.

A challenge though, can make it harder for someone to have strong vibrations because of stress and anxiety. You have to learn to face challenges and to still show kindness and love, even in the midst of problems. Doing this will raise your attitude and raise your vibes.

Having unconditional love for others and showing compassion will get rid of limitations and will serve a higher interest in your life. It will benefit you and those that are around you. This is what can bring forth social transformation.

People that are lucky enough to receive compassion realize that this is a powerful expression and a love that can change things for the good. By being compassionate to others, you will see that you are playing a role in making the world a better place.

By raising the vibrations of others, these are the things that can happen:

  • You have more kindness and love.
  • Make stronger connections.
  • Be clear minded.
  • Be secure in yourself.
  • Have emotions that meet your needs.
  • Bring harmony to yourself and others.
  • Have less triggers.
  • Have less frustration and stress.
  • Are resistant to doubt.
  • Have less fear.
  • Have a deeper heart and a strong mind.
  • Can control the emotions better.
  • Get rid of worries and excessive stress.
  • Can lift others up.

How to Raise Your Vibes

If you want to raise your vibrations and get rid of anger and sadness and more, here is how:

Exercise 1

Start by finding a quiet place that you can sit without interruption. Take deep breaths and allow your emotions to relax. Be still and let your feelings uplift and let you create a new feeling with each breath you take.

Exercise 2

If you are feeling low, you need to sit quietly ad let love and compassion feel your mind. By caring for yourself, you can stop criticizing yourself and others. When you are feeling low, you have dimness in your life and the feelings of compassion are hard to have for others. But when you can show yourself compassion, you will be able to stop your pain.

You can nurture yourself and do this by taking vitamins and by exercising but that isn’t all the self-care that you need. You need to be able to make sure that your emotions and your mental self are secure as well.

You will feel the difference in your life when you try these exercises. Just like anything else, you have to exercise and practice this so that it can work. If it doesn’t work the first time, do it again. Let your low vibrations begin to raise.

Doing small exercises can lift your vibrations better than you think and can help you to get rid of stress and anxiety in your life.