This month means a fresh possibilities for your romantic life and the chance to meet your true love too. If 2017 brought you heartache, rejection, frustration, and anxiety about never finding the right match, you can make 2018 your moment to claim your true love. The big question is, how? Allow new potential partners in by shifting your perspective and hitting the reset button for your entire love life. With renewed hope, you can follow the steps outlined below and make 2018 your best year yet.

Step 1: Know Your Worth

Before you can find the right person, you have to believe that you deserve the right person. If your self-esteem has been lacking, you may have been selling yourself short and only pursuing partners who are sub-par, for fear of being rejected by better prospects. Stop devaluing yourself and recognize that you deserve romantic greatness—we all do! When you believe in yourself, and truly cherish all the wonderful gifts you uniquely bring to the romantic table, you will attract your true love who will treasure you, too.

Step 2: Say No to Toxic Connections

It’s so easy to answer that late-night “booty call” (erm, let’s be honest, text) or accept another date with a dud because you don’t want to spend Saturday night alone. Stop wasting your time with people who you know aren’t right for you, especially anyone who doesn’t value you or who doesn’t really fit what you’re looking for in a partner. The more you say no to those who don’t serve you (or don’t deserve you), the more room you will have in your life for your true love.

Step 3: Put Yourself Out There

The chances of you meeting your true love randomly—say, in line at the coffee shop or at a cocktail party—are slim. Yes, you could lock eyes with someone from across the room and fall madly in love. But, more likely, you’re going to need to step out of your comfort zone and make love happen for yourself. So, draft up an online dating profile or commit to going to your local singles events. You can’t meet people if you don’t try.

Step 4: Try Something New

Speaking of trying—a great way to make connections is to follow a passion and meet people who share your values or hobbies. This is an ideal option for those who have tried putting themselves out there and feel like they have exhausted all avenues.

Let your friends set you up. Sign up for that painting class. Take that trip to Italy and join a travel group. Go back to school. Volunteer. All of these paths could lead to more than self-fulfillment—romance could blossom as well.

Step 5: Stay Positive

A big part of your renewed attitude toward love is keeping your head up when change doesn’t happen right away. Remember that your true love is worth waiting for. The more you manifest the arrival of your romantic prospect, the higher the chances are that he or she will soon materialize. As the saying goes, attitude is everything. Therefore, you will attract more potential prospects if you stay positive and open yourself to the possibility of love.