the-reasons-why-you-havent-met-his-friends-yetNeed help understanding men? If you wonder about meeting friends and family and getting to an exclusive relationship, this post answers one woman’s question about the guys she is dating. Getting to exclusivity with a man requires handling the situation delicately and knowing when to throw in the towel.

Is He Ready to Commit to You?

If you’ve been dating a guy for a while and he hasn’t introduced you to his friends, you’re probably wondering why. Maybe he doesn’t have true feelings for you. Maybe you aren’t “The One.” Maybe he is afraid of commitment. There are a host of reasons why he’s keeping you and his friends apart. Here’s six of them.

8ec4003a82b4603ef647c801ccb1e0efHe’s Commitment Phobic

If your guy is commitment phobic, chances are you know very little about him. That’s because he prefers to keep his work, family, friends and dates private. One will not know about the other. It keeps everyone and everything in its perfect place. If you want to know if your guy is commitment phobic, there are several signs to look out for, but a huge red flag would be making weak excuses to keep you from meeting his friends.

He’s Not That Interested in You

A man’s mind is often busy preparing itself for the future. If your guy isn’t curious to see how you’d get along with his family, co-workers and friends, chances are he really isn’t interested in you and he doesn’t see you in his future. It’s just easier to keep you separate so no one gets attached.

He’s Afraid You’ll See the Real Him

There are many different sides to the man you’re seeing. There is the side that’s suitable for work; the side suitable for family; the side suitable for friends and the side suitable for your relationship. Of all these sides, the one that’s suitable for his friends is probably the most truthful. He could be hiding who he really is in order to get you to like him and keep you interested. This doesn’t mean he’s hiding some deep, dark secret. It could just mean that he isn’t ready to show you who he really is.

He Hasn’t Thought About it

Maybe the idea of introducing you to his friends hasn’t even crossed his mind. Or maybe he thinks you wouldn’t want to meet his friends. Or perhaps his friends’ opinions don’t matter. It all depends on how important his friends are to him, how often he sees them and if he relies on their opinions to make romantic decisions.

He Doesn’t Have Any Close Friends

Some guys have a lot of close friends. Others have a few close friends, and there are others who are considered loners with a few acquaintances and no close friends. It’s good advice to be weary of a partner who has no or few friends, but go with your gut instinct on this one. Have you ever observed any behavior that would explain why he has no close friends? Or do you think he is a “player” and he’s just saying he doesn’t have close friends to keep you from discovering his antics?

He’s Protecting You

protectPerhaps he is protecting you from some of the people in his life. He may have a friend who is great fun to hang out with, but this same person could be crude, mean and rude to any woman who has the potential to take his friend away. If he’s protecting you from his friends, it’s because he’s learned his lesson with other ladies in the past. Maybe he doesn’t want his friends to chase you away.

If you are wondering why your guy won’t introduce you to his friends, the best thing to do is to ask him. You can playfully suggest you all get together and see how he reacts. If the idea scares or annoys him, don’t be afraid to ask him why. And if he’s okay with it, maybe all he needed was for you to initiate the plans.