download (6)Who doesn’t want a loving relationship? It’s magical, it’s great and it brings more fulfillment into our lives. Loving relationships provide you with a mutual understanding of another human being and bring comfort into your own existence.

Here are 12 simple tasks you can do every day to make a big difference in the success, bonding and intimacy in your relationships.

1. Never depend on your partner to make you happy.

It is a mistake to go into a relationship with the idea that it will fulfill your life in some way. The reality is a relationship will never make you happier than you already are.True happiness comes from within.

images (7)2. Your partner is not obligated to do chores. 

No matter how many times your partner does the dishes or makes the bed, remember that they’re not doing it out of obligating. Rather, they’re doing it out of love. So remember to thank them for doing the daily chores and don’t forget to do your share of the chores too.

3. Express your appreciation for all that they do. 

Remember to thank you partner for everything they do for you. Whether they did the chores or took you to your favorite restaurant, you should always show that you’re appreciative.

4. Save some sunshine for a rainy day.

When it comes to you relationship, make as many happy memories as you can. You’re going to need it for when life throws you a curveball. This means that you should tell your partner that you love them whenever they leave for work or right before you fall asleep at night. Display pictures and souvenirs that remind you of happier times. They’ll make life a little easier when life isn’t so happy.

5. Let them be imperfect in an imperfect world. 

As a rule, you shouldn’t try to change your partner too much. You should love them for who they are. But what if there is something they really need to change about themselves? What if not changing is detrimental to their health? That’s when you need to intervene. But before you tell them what they need to change, compliment them for the things they’re doing right.

images (8)6. Encourage positive change. 

Telling your partner to be someone else won’t get them any closer to a positive change. Instead, give them the tools they need. Whether it’s books or tools for a new hobby, there’s a right way to influence your partner to be a better or more well-rounded person.

7. Be soft on your partner, but tough on the issue.

If your partner feels attacked, they’re going to get defensive. There is a right way to discuss an issue in your relationship, but you have to do it maturely and without name-calling.

8. Admit you’re wrong (even if you know/think you’re right).

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? There is little to be gained from winning an argument when you’ve hurt your partner in the process. It doesn’t really matter who’s right and who’s wrong. What matters is that you both got to speak your minds.

9. Be a better listener. 

If you want to make your relationship better, try doing more listening than talking. If you really listen to what your partner has to say instead of just waiting for your turn to talk, you’ll get a better understanding of what they really need and want. Sometimes all they need and want is to be heard.

10. There is no “I” in “we.”

The word “I” is a great way to express your feelings, as it is much less judgmental than using “you,” which only succeeds in putting blame on your partner. However, there is magic in choosing “we” when describing certain aspects of your life, as it influences the brain’s program to feel trust, generosity and collaboration. These are all essential components to creating connectedness with someone you love.

11. Do some preventative maintenance. 

Hope and faith are powerful beliefs. However, the best way to keep your partner from cheating is with a few ounces of preventative maintenance. All relationships benefit from maintaining a positive outlook, even during the bad times. They will flourish by remembering to do one nice thing for your partner each and every day, and please don’t forget to do something nice for yourself too.

sleep-on-empty-stomach12. Never argue on an empty stomach.

There is substantial evidence that the Enteric Nervous System (ENS), which is your second brain located in your belly, has more influence over your love life than you realize. In fact, the unpleasant feeling of hunger can negatively effect you and your partner’s mood, memory and ability to listen attentively. This means it’s better to argue with a full stomach than an empty one.

A relationship will rarely need saving, as long as you keep busy maintaining it.