8 Signs Your Best Friend is Your Soulmate

Your best friend is one of the most important people in your life.  You felt and instant connection the moment you met and now you can’t imagine life without them.  You valued both the good times and their important insights.  However, this relationship can be even more powerful if your best friend is your soulmate.

Here are eight way that you will know your best friend is your soulmate:

  1. Your Looks Communicate Your Deepest Thoughts

You both don’t have to say anything, you both just know what each other is thinking.  This is especially noticeable in dynamics between two women.  As your relationship grows, the more profound this phenomenon becomes and you both will be able to use this gift to improve the lives of people around you.

  1. There’s No Problem You Can’t Solve!

There is nothing that can divide the two of you.  Whenever an issue arises you both are able to save time, energy and hardship because you are able to avoid any anger or fights.  You are able to work together to create a solution that will be beneficial to all parties involved, and have fun in the process.

  1. Every Moment is a Blast!

It doesn’t matter how mundane a task or event can be, you and your best friend will have a blast!  You treasure each opportunity to strengthen your bond.  Even if you both don’t see each other for a while, the next visit will feel like no time has passed by.

  1. You are Equals

You and your best friend never feel the need to be in competition.  You both care so profoundly for each other, you are committed to helping each other be the best version possible.  Instead of competition, you see feedback as motivation and know you have a fearless cheerleader in your corner.

  1. You Have Countless Inside Jokes

No one can tell a joke like your best friend.  However, when your best friend is your soulmate the capacity for inside jokes catapult without you even realizing it!  You both can make even the most boring task into a laugh riot.  It doesn’t matter to you that other’s might not understand the humor, because you will be able to just look at your friend and they understand the depth of the experience.

  1. Unwavering Honesty

Your best friend will always be your go to person when you need to hear it like it IS.  They will also give you feedback with sincere empathy and respect so you will know when you are stressing over nothing or when you need to take decisive action.

  1. You Know When Something’s Off

It doesn’t matter if you are in person or at a distance, you and your soulmate best friend will instantly know when anything isn’t right.  Don’t be surprised if you are having a day and they send you an encouraging text or call out of the blue.

  1. No Doubts

With a bond like yours, you and your best friend know that you have a relationship that will last throughout the ages.  There is a special reason you are in each other’s lives and one of your life’s purposes is to be as supportive as possible to each other.