Love can be a beautiful, magical thing. It inspires music, poetry and great works of art. But, finding love can be a numbers game, just as much as it is chemistry and magic. You can have lots of great qualities that make you a catch, but none of that matters if you aren’t in circulation with other like-minded individuals. Being ready for love and making yourself dateable are only part of the battle. You also have to know where to look to find love.

Here are some places you should be looking:


There’s no longer a social stigma behind online dating. People are no longer considered desperate or weird for having an online dating profile. It’s become so common in this day and age that the majority of the population knows someone who has found their partner online. Even more people know someone who has an online dating profile and hasn’t found the right partner yet. You probably even know someone who recommends checking the online dating sites as a good way to meet new people, or to meet singles. Online dating isn’t just a fad that the kids are catching onto, either. There are just as many 45-54 year-old singles on these sites as there are 18-24-year-olds. So, no matter your age, there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable about it anymore. Don’t let the stigma behind online dating dictate whether or not you participate in it.

Each site is different and they’re geared towards different people. Sites that you pay to use, such as and, have reputations for attracting people who are serious about dating and finding their perfect mate. The idea is that if you’re serious enough that you’ll pay for membership, you’re not just looking for something fleeting. They have compatibility tests that take some time to fill out, but they’re worth the effort to get to know someone and see how much alike you are. Sites like Tinder, on the other hand, are used to quickly get face-to-face dates with people in your area. Some sites are really diverse, such as OkCupid and PlentyOfFish. There are clients on sites such as these looking for casual encounters and friends, just as there are people looking for their perfect matches. And, just as there are sites with a wide spectrum of clientele, there are sites that are specific niches, such as and So, whatever you’re looking for, and whatever you’re interested in, there’s a site for you!

At Work

It’s quite the taboo to date someone you work with. However, if you work with someone, it’s likely that you’re around them a lot, you’re likely to have the same passions, and if you get along, it’s worth considering. If you’re a nurse and you work with another nurse who shares a hobby or interest with you, maybe ask them on a date. Who else would better share your career ambitions and your hobbies and interests?

There are a few risks with office romances, however. They can put a stain on your career and your reputation. If your love interest is your superior, and at any point in your relationship you get a raise or promotion, there’s likely going to be indications that you slept your way to the top. Some workplaces have rules against inter-office romances for exactly this reason. Others simply require that you sign a relationship disclosure. So, check to see what your workplace says about dating other employees before you get into anything.

Next, consider whether how you feel is worth risking your job over. As previously stated, there are risks involved with office romances. If it’s just a flirtation and not worth trouble, maybe don’t pursue it. But, if you really feel a connection, consider it. Never say “never” to anything!


Anywhere you go can be where a new relationship starts. You could notice someone at a local bookstore reading the same book as you, literally bump into someone at the grocery store, or play music with someone at a local music store. Even taking dance classes could be a fun way to meet someone. Try a beginner’s class that’s both cheap and easy. But, in order to do these things, you can’t just stay at your house. Being literally anywhere else ups your chances of meeting someone new. So, get out and about the town. Take advantage of gatherings and dances if your town has them. You never know where you might make a connection with someone!

Through Mutual Friends

One of the wonderful things about having friends is that you aren’t just connected to them, but their entire social network, as well. So, if you’re uncomfortable introducing yourself to single people yourself, don’t worry. Just because you don’t know many single people that are compatible with you doesn’t mean that your friends don’t. You can meet new single people simply by attending a social event or party hosted by your friends. A word of warning, however: never use your friends simply to meet people. Choose friends with whom you genuinely like to spend time. They’ll surely catch on if you’re using them!

In Class

Learning in a group setting ups the chances that you’ll be teamed up with an attractive single person that you like. Even if you aren’t in college, many colleges offer non-credit classes in a variety of subjects like: photography, woodworking, dancing and painting. There are also lots of free book groups and writing classes that you could sign up for. So, find something that you’re genuinely interested in and want to learn, sign up and meet new people with the same interests!

If you’re looking for love, don’t just assume that it will fall into your lap, or simply just happen. You’re going to need to get yourself out there and step outside of your comfort zone. If you stick to your routine, it’s less likely that the right person will have the opportunity to find you, and that would be a very unfortunate thing.

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