Are You a Lightworker

Are you someone that feels like something is pulling you in different directions in your life? If you aren’t sure what that could be, chances are that you might be what is called a lightworker. A lightworker is someone that has come to the earth with a great spiritual awakening, and they want to change the world.

Traits of a Lightworker

Here are some things that a lightworker often exhibits:

  • Having a specific calling.
  • Being focused on things and able to manifest them.
  • People call them an old soul.
  • They want to be enlightened.
  • They see mental illness as a life issue and not a problem.
  • They are in or have experienced a deep spiritual awakening.
  • They can grow if they face a challenge.
  • They are intuitive.
  • Very creative.
  • Struggle with finding a place to belong.
  • Always feeling different than others.

How Many Apply to You?

If you have seven of these things that apply to you, chances are that you are a lightworker. You are probably someone that has a special calling and purpose in their life, and you need to grow and keep growing in your spiritual being. You are someone that has higher vibrations, and you have a bright shining light.

Talk to a psychic to find out what kind of lightworker that you are and what kind of things you can do to make your life better.

  • 4 to 6

If you have 4-6 of the traits above, then chances are that you are a lightworker, but you haven’t gone through your awakening yet. You are someone that might need to talk to a psychic and find out what spiritual path you need to be on in order to make your light shine brighter.

  • 1-3

Someone that has 1-3 of the traits above is someone that probably isn’t a lightworker. You might be an empath, or you might have some other gift. You have a different kind of energy, of course, but you don’t have the energy of a lightworker. Talk to a psychic to figure out what kind of gifts you have.

Kinds of Lightworkers

There are different kinds of lightworkers that have different traits and different characteristics. Here are some of those:

Divine Lightworker

A divine lightworker is one that inspires others and one that is about humanity. You are someone that is smart, and you are able to speak to others and help them to find their calling. Here are some traits of a divine lightworker:

  • Love speaking to groups.
  • Find public speaking fulfilling.
  • Feel that they have something to give to others.
  • Are called to work closely with others.

Blueprint Holder or Seer

This is a lightworker that has a divine and deep intuition. You are able to get information and to tell it to people in a way that can help them to improve their lives. Here are some traits of a Blueprint Holder or Seer:

  • You have a deep place that holds lots of information.
  • You feel that you are able to give people spiritual insights.
  • You feel that you are most important when you focus on your own growth.
  • You prefer to work alone than with others.

Manifester or Grid worker

This is someone that is connected to the energies around the earth. A guide worker is one that is able to take their energy and send it to a larger grid. They feel strong callings and they are able to channel light to certain places.

Manifesters are people that can channel light and are more flexible and work towards good things.  Here are the traits of these lightworkers:

  • Manifest things with rays of light.
  • Can picture light and energy by closing their eyes.
  • Have a strong calling but doesn’t have direct information and needs to interpret the information that they get.


This is someone that isn’t a lightworker, but they are someone that is closely related to a lightworker. They are called to the earth for a purpose, and they can manifest and change humanity.

Here are the traits of a starseed:

  • They have light energy that they can see.
  • They plant their energy in the ground, so it grows for others.
  • They have a calling and get specific information, but they don’t always understand it.
  • They have spiritual insights.
  • They prefer to work alone.


A messenger is someone that can send messages to those on the earth. They are able to tell people what the universe is telling them so that people can hear them that need them. Here are the traits of a Messenger:

  • Often psychic.
  • Can pass on important messages to others.
  • Work with other people.
  • Work best one-on-one with people.
  • Have important things to tell others.
  • Feels best when working with other people.

Transmuter or Healer

This is a lightworker that changes things from dark to light. A transmuter is one that will take light and wherever there is shadow sides or darkness, they will address it and bring balance. They help to balance the yin and yang energies and they raise vibrations.

Healers are lightworkers that are able to help others by bringing healing to their energies to make their lives better. Here are some traits of these lightworkers:

  • Heal the pain of others.
  • Can pick up on weaknesses.
  • Work with other people best.
  • Work best one-on-one with people.
  • Feel that they have important things to share with others.
  • Are called to work closely with people.

Signs of Being a Lightworker

There are different signs that you might be a lightworker such as:

  • They bring healing to people and the world.
  • Notice when things are unbalanced.
  • Notice when people need help.
  • Will do things to make nature better like planting trees.
  • Help with things like homeless shelters and animal shelters.
  • Do things for others.
  • Drawn to Others

Lightworkers are often drawn to other people that do the same things and feel the same as they do. They will find a community of people that accept them and have the same interests that they do. They are able to even communicate outside of this world sometimes and they are able to make friends easily.

  • Nature

Lightworkers love nature. They love all creatures and all living things. They are able to sometimes talk to plants and animals and they do what they can to make sure that their environment is healthy and peaceful.

  • Positive

Lightworkers are positive people and they shed light wherever they go. They don’t even realize that they are full of energy, and they bring peace and positivity to others.

  • Sensitive

Lightworkers are sometimes overly sensitive. This happens because they have other gifts such as being clairvoyant or clairaudient. They are able to hear things in the spiritual world and to see things that can bring them peace and hope.

These are people that are also able to speak out into the spiritual world and communicate with others such as their spirit guides and their angels. They meditate and reflect often.

  • Healers

Lightworkers are often healers. They can heal themselves and then they can heal others. The important thing to remember is that a lightworker has to heal themselves before they can heal someone else. If you feel that you are a lightworker, make sure that you are working for you and that you are accepting yourself and others for who they are and who you are.

Kinds of Lightworkers:

Here is a recap of the kinds of lightworkers:

  • Healers: These are people that help plants, people, and animals. They can heal others emotionally, physically, and mentally. They have strong spiritual ideas, and they are able to use their emotions and their abilities to make people whole.
  • Grid workers and Gatekeepers: These are people that work with grids on Gaia. They can use grids that work with the human heart and connect with lay lines. They find sites that are full of energy, and they use them to help. A gatekeeper is a more advanced grid worker, and they can see lighter.
  • Seers: These are lightworkers that have strong third eye and they can see past the physical world. They are able to focus their energy where it is needed, and they can bring healing. They can help those to release things that aren’t meant to be, and they can focus on the right path of goodness.
  • Messengers: Messengers are able to get communication from angels and spiritual guides. They are able to see visions and to pick up images. They are humanitarians and they want to help others and offer guidance to them.
  • Newly Awakened: This is a kind of lightworker that is not experienced in their gift. They have a hard time closing their eyes and ignoring things once they become awakened. They are changing each day, and they are able to see that their life won’t be the same. They will do almost anything that it takes to be the best lightworker that they can and to answer their internal calling.

Final Thoughts

A lightworker is someone that wants to shed light and to bring light to the world around them. They want to be able to take care of themselves and others and to help people live the best life.