Automatic Writing

The spiritual connections that you make can be an experience for someone that has done it before and someone that is new to it. The experiences that you manifest can help you to make connections with the spirit world and one way is through automatic writing. There have been famous people that have used automatic writing along with meditation and visualization to help them make deeper connections.

Understanding Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is something that isn’t the same as writing or journaling. This happens when a person changes their conscious mind and allows themselves to connect with their subconscious through a trance like state. It allows them to hear what the spirits and energies around them are saying.

After getting into the trance like state, the person can make a connection and can write on paper whatever comes to them.

Connecting with the Spirit World

The energy around you is something unique and everything is made up of energy. When you want to do automatic writing, you need to understand that this is a real connection. The connection can help you to reach energies and to ask spirits questions. Some of the questions that you can ask include:

  • Who is here?
  • What is your name?
  • Why are you here?
  • Can you give me a sign that you are here?

After you ask the questions, take a deep breath, and wait for the signs to come to you. Remember, your intuition can help guide you.

Using Automatic Writing

Here are some tips to use automatic writing for your benefit:

  • Let it Flow

Make sure that you don’t stop writing and you keep letting the writing flow until you are finished. Even if this is something you don’t know or a language you have never read, don’t stop. This can be ancient languages or alphabets that the spirits are talking to. Whatever is happening, let the spirit communicate.

  • Use Your Intuition

Let your intuition continue to guide you. This will help you to feel when something interesting is being said. This can also come in the form of images and visualization. Don’t stop your intuition at any cost.

  • Don’t Force Things

Even if you are trying to reach a certain answer, don’t try to force it to come. Automatic writing helps you to connect to your mind and to the spiritual world. You can be successful when you allow the energies to come without trying to quiet them.

Final Thoughts

Your spirit is always around, and the energies are always surrounding you. Automatic writing can be a journey that allows you to make a solid connection with the spiritual world. You will get the messages that you need to understand more along the way.