Being Unhappily in Love

Are you in a relationship and you really love your boyfriend, but you don’t feel happy? You might feel bad that you aren’t happy but sometimes when you feel unhappy there can be many reasons that this happens.

One of the biggest reasons that women feel this in a long-term relationship is that you are getting used to the routine of the relationship and you are past the honeymoon phase when everything was perfect. Now things are just normal and sometimes stressful.

You might have problems with finances, or you might find that your partner isn’t sending you flirty text messages and what he sends you now is how the chores at home didn’t get done because he was tired.

There can still be love and you might be committed to your partner, but you might argue a lot, or you might feel that the relationship and the spark is no longer there.

What to Do When You Feel Unhappy

It is normal for everyone to go through a stage when they don’t feel happy in a relationship anymore. You want to make sure that you’re in the right relationship and that you aren’t going to be in a relationship that you’re miserable.

If you’ve been unhappy only for a short while and there are reasons that have caused it, you might be able to work it out but if you’ve been unhappy for a while and things don’t seem to get better, you need to look at your life and your situation.

What is influencing you to be unhappy? You need to see if your relationship might be toxic or unhappy. Even if you love your partner there could be things that make you feel unsafe or unhappy and you might need to leave the relationship.

How Does your Partner Feel?

You might wonder if your partner feels the same as you do. How is he treating you? You can look at your situation but don’t just jump to conclusions. Maybe he is dealing with things like problems at work or problems with his family.

If you get to a place where your partner just no longer seems to want to spend time with you, this could mean that he loves you, but he just isn’t that into you anymore or maybe he doesn’t even love you anymore.

Men have a harder time sharing their feelings than women do, and this is because men think that they aren’t supposed to have emotions based on societal norms. If your boyfriend is unhappy, he might not even tell you because he doesn’t want to show his emotions.

Try to talk to your partner and ask him what he is feeling and find out what his emotions are. You can figure this out if you ask him and that is the best way.

Talking to Your Boyfriend

It can be hard asking your boyfriend what he is feeling because you might worry that he will get mad at you or that he will think something strange is going on. The best thing is to be honest in all relationships and to tell him that you still want to be with him, and you love him but tell him that you’ve been feeling unhappy.

Tell him certain times when you feel unhappy and tell him that you want to work on the relationship. Even if he gets mad, you need to be open and if he loves you back, he will work together with you to work through your problems. It will be harder to work things out if you let things go for a long time.

Once you talk to him, you won’t be alone in what you are feeling, and you can work together to rebuild your relationships.

Dealing with Your Unhappy Feelings

After you talk to your boyfriend about what you’re feeling, you need to do some work on fixing the issues you are facing. First figure out why you aren’t happy. Find hobbies that you can do on your own to give yourself and your partner some space. This also will help you to have happy thoughts.

Finding a new hobby or doing one that you used to love will help you to feel happier and this will also help you to be able to see if your unhappiness is just in your life or in your relationship. If the relationship is falling apart though, you might need to get out of the relationship sooner than you thought.

You need to find ways to feel happy but don’t let that get in the way of trying to figure out how to make your relationship work.

Leave or Stay?

It is up to you and your feelings if you stay or leave the relationship. If you aren’t able to work through whatever is going on, chances are that you might need to at least take a break. You should try to make your relationship work if you are really in love with your partner even if it takes hard work.

Try to talk to a therapist and talk to them about what is going on. Spend as much time with your partner doing happy and fun things and communicating that you can. If you have a desire to make your relationship work, you will do what it takes. If it seems impossible, it might be time to move on. Some people love each other but just can’t work out a happy relationship.

Write down how often you are feeling happy versus how many times you feel unhappy. This can help you to see things that you might have missed.

Making Your Relationship Better

Working on your relationship can make you and your partner happier. Here are some things you can do to get started on this:

    • Have strong communication with each other.
    • Share your feelings.
    • Flirt and send sexy texts to each other.
    • Go on dates.
    • Make time for each other.
    • Find things that you love to do together.
    • Do small acts of love like leaving notes or buying small gifts.

As you look at your feelings and you look at yourself, you can see what is going on and what is missing in your relationship. Look at what you can do differently to make things feel like they did at the beginning of your dating experience. As you notice these differences, you can see if your relationship can be more successful.

Final Thoughts

Even though you don’t feel happy right now, it doesn’t mean that your relationship can’t get better. As you put in effort and you show love to yourself and your partner, you can figure out why the happiness isn’t there. Happiness can depend on the choices you and your partner make to get the relationship back on the right path.

Talk to each other about what you’re feeling and see if you can find out what the problems are and how you can solve them. As you do things together, find ways to feel happy with each other and as you do, look at your relationship to see if its worth fixing or if you should move on.