Past Life Regression

There are some doctors that will do hypnosis on patients so that they can figure out what has happened in their past life. While there are people that don’t believe in this, some do. This is one way that these kinds of doctors can figure out why you have strange phobias or why there are fears that you are facing. Sometimes when you are able to connect with your past, these things can go away.

Phobias and Fears

There are different phobias and fears that people have and many times these things come, and no one is quite sure why or where they came from. Some believe that these are from the past and that they are there because things weren’t taken care of in the past life.

Here are some of the most known fears and phobias that people might have:

  • Fear of water.
  • Fear of bugs.
  • Fear of ghosts.
  • Fear of being buried alive.
  • Fear of looking in mirrors.
  • Fear of the rain.
  • Fear of sound.
  • Fear of numbers.
  • Fear of ants.
  • Fear of the ocean.
  • Fear of teenagers.

Fears and Past Lives

Even though there is no scientific evidence on fears from a past life, there are many people that believe in reincarnation. Those people that believe in this often think that there are things that can happen in a past life that can cause people to suffer in the present.

The past life fears are often said to be associated with how someone died or what happened to them that caused these fears to come about.

For example, if someone drowned in their past life, they might have a phobia now of water. This phobia can come because of the experiences that they had in their past life.

Past Life Regression Therapy

The point of past life regression therapy is to help people to figure out where their fears have come from and how to have peace with them. You can talk to someone that specializes in this or talk to a psychic to help get the answers that you are seeking.