Tools of Divination

Tools of divination are there to help people to communicate and do work in the spiritual world. It helps them to reach the spirit guides and others in a different realm.

What Are Tools?

Here are some different kinds of tools of divination:

  • Astrology.
  • Tea leaf reading.
  • Palm reading.
  • Automatic writing.
  • Clair gifts.
  • Meditation.

Divination is a supernatural thing and works with peoples energies and with the universe. The tools that are used are part of who the psychic is and what they do.

How Can Tools of Divination Help?

The best ways that you can use these tools are to ask your spirit guides and angels to help you. They can help you to grow and help you to get the answers that you need.

When you want to know more about different tools that you can use, look online, and find out more information.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are cards that someone can pull, and they can give them messages. You must have intuition in order to do an oracle card reading and to connect with energies.


Many psychics will use pendulums to get answers about the past, present or the future. This is a great tool that can help you to understand if you have a health issue or a problem in your life. You can ask yes or no questions or you can use a chart and increase the kinds of answers that you get.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is when the spirit guides come to you, and you begin to write whatever comes to your mind. This can give you answers and help you to get rid of clutter in your mind.


Astrology is a tool that people can use to understand their psychic gifts, strengths, and weaknesses. This uses your natal chart and your signs to help you to understand your personality and other areas in your life.


Meditating can help you to clear your mind and have an open heart. It can take away stress and anxiety and it can raise your energy level. When your mind is quiet, you can have visions, experiences and more.


Dreaming is a way that you can get information from the spiritual world. You need to write down your dreams so that you can go back and get information from them that you might miss at first. The dreams come from your subconscious mind, and they are very important.

Everything in your dream represents something and you just need to figure out what it means so that you can interpret it.


Intuition is something everyone has. This is reaching your higher self. You can learn to trust your intuition and it can guide you beyond your senses. This can be something that is also called a gut feeling.

When things happen and when you have a feeling and its important to know that nothing is a coincidence.

Final Thoughts

Tools of divination require you to trust yourself and require you to tap into the energies of yourself and those around you. When you reach your higher self, you will see that there are guides that can help you.

You will have both a spiritual and a physical experience when you use tools of divination. Open up your heart and mind and learn to trust in yourself as you try out different tools.