Different types of empaths

Different types of empathsEmpaths are of different types and if you are especially sensitive, you may recognize yourself in them. Being an empath is a natural ability but it can also be combined with some psychic skill.

The  Emotional Empath

This is the most common type of empath in that this person absorbs or picks up the emotions of the people are around them and reacts as if these feelings were happening to them; if they are around someone who is very sad, they too will grow sad.  This is different from clairsentience.  A clairsentient will feel the emotions but not actual take them over themselves.  An emotional empath will go into other people’s emotions and will experience them inside their own body. They can, however, train themselves to feel the emotion of others without letting them take over.

The Physical Empath

There are cases where a psychic has read the energy of someone else and are able to tell if they have a physical injury of some kind.  It has been called medical empathy  and it can be used by a psychic to feel these pains so that they can help when doing a reading. Mediums have been able to do this to connect with a loved one who has passed.

The Empath who is  Claircognizant

Claircognizance, the psychic ability to gain knowledge from their surroundings can blend with empathy. This is helpful when the psychic is getting information from the person being read. They will feel their energy and it helps the psychic get a better reading. They will also be able to tell when someone is lying.  With training, this kind of empath can gain tons of insight not someone. They will have the ability to see the truth behind every interaction by feeling and reading energy.

 The Plant Empath

Some empaths are especially in tune with nature. A flora empath does definitely sense the needs of plants and enjoys sitting and literally communing with nature.  The can even connect and communicate on  a deeper level with nature.

The  Animal Empath

This is very similar to the plant  empath but with animals. Many pet owners have a little of this ability. Because animals are telepathic, it isn’t difficult to read them or understand their needs. We can easily communicate with them. An animal empath will help animals communicate with the human world in times of great need.

 The Medium Empath

As stated previously, some mediums feel the emotions of the departed. This can be harrowing as some have departed due to severe illness or sudden accident. The empathy will feel the emotions  deeply and will be pulled into them.

The  Geomantic Empath

This type of empath is a bit unusual because they are connected to our very planet. This empath can usually tell when an earthquake or other natural disaster is imminent. Either they are feeling the earth’s emotions or reading its energies. Either way they can tell when disaster is about to strike.

There are many types of empaths and sometimes the line between psychics and empaths gets a little blurry. A way to better understand it is to remember that empaths are connected to emotion as opposed to energy.  It is important to acknowledge that when we care deeply about something, their emotions and energies resonate within us. This can create empathy or connect us on a deeper level.  Empaths who are in danger of being overwhelmed by the feelings of others can do some healing work to help protect themselves.