How to spot a real psychic

Psychics have been around since the dawn of time. They have been called prophets and fortune tellers. They have been both revered and reviled. True psychics can see opportunities for the future.  However, over the last several years, people have been misrepresenting themselves as psychics seeing nothing more than the potential for money making. They do this by predicting only doom and gloom that can only alleviated by a hefty fee paid to their psychic. This has caused people to mistrust and doubt the abilities of people who have a genuine gift. There are ways to spot a real psychic.

How to avoid a scam

You can fall into the scam trap by following ads that temptingly call out “Free Psychic Readings” While everyone is looking for a good price you should really look for a quality when you are looking for a reader. Ads want you to call and then drag the time by so you quickly use up all of your free minutes. Then they tell you that they have some important information for you, but unfortunately they need more time, thus costing you money.

It is highly likely that your advisor is reading from a script. This is a cleverly crafted plan to trap the innocent client.  That is not to say that you shouldn’t pay a psychic for their services. Someone with a gift is still a person who needs to pay the bills.

While there are some scam services out there, there are also many quality sites with highly qualified psychics. These may also offer free readings, but they will not try to lure clients into something they don’t want.

A sure sign

A major sign that you are being drawn into a scam is if you are told that you have a curse on you but that for a fee they can remove the curse from your head and save your future.  That is not a real thing neither can you make someone love you with a simple mind trick.

The other downfall to falling into a psychic scam is that you might become dependent on them due to your vulnerability in your times of stress and strife.


There is another major scam that says you have negativity and that for a fee, this negativity can be simply removed from you.  Once this negative energy  is removed, your life will magically be improved.  Do not fall into this trap. Also be wary of an advisor who tries to reveal your past life to you, especially if it involves you being an important historical figure. While that may be true, it is more likely  that you were a regular player in history.

Spotting a true psychic

Real psychics don’t lurk behind hidden fees.  A real psychic will charge a fair rate and do whatever they need to do make sure their clients are happy and satisfied. They are genuinely concerned with finding the best way to serve their client.

Legitimate psychics acknowledge that their talent is a gift and thus they have to give back a little. The psychic will help lead their client towards truth and understanding as they live their best life.