love and money 1Once in a while, when a client requires a love and relationship reading, the tarot cards uncover a solid negative vitality identifying with their finances. The Spiritual guilty party is quite often a clashed Venus in one or both accomplices’ prophetic outlines, as Venus guidelines both love and money. At the point when relationship battle, it can regularly be identified with monetary difficulties. In the event that the relationship is to survive, genuine work will be expected to redesign dangerous ways of managing money. Spending should be controlled and obligations will must be wiped out. Both accomplices must be energetic about the venture and bolster each other on the off chance that they are to leave the financial dim woods together.

But what can you do to help tame an out of control Venus that is wreaking havoc with your life? First, you must recognize her and start to say “No!” to her impulses. This is called self-control and without it, making progress in life in any area is nearly impossible.

Identifying that you have a problem is the first step towards finding a solution. Start by making a list of all your weekly, monthly, and annual expenses and decide if they are compulsory, compulsive, or somewhere in between. Then, the day before payday, gather your bills, a pen and a notebook and start to understand how your money needs to be allocated.

You may choose to organize your notebook in the following ways:

love and money 3This heading should always be first. Give at least 10% of your earnings to some cause that will make the World a better place. You will feel great and imagine what could be accomplished if 10% of everyone’s earnings were given to feed starving children or to preserve rainforests! Wow!

Once again, this should be about 10% of earnings. This is not a rainy day fund. This is you building permanent wealth. If cash is way too tempting, buy precious metals in the form of bullion coins. But make sure you own the metal itself, not an option or a receipt. Shares and CDs and Mutual Funds do not belong here, but Real Estate (eventually) will be in this category.

Rent, electricity, phone, water, credit cards, taxes, etc. are all in this category. Weekly and monthly bills get paid first. Annual bills (insurance, etc.) can get a contribution. Filling up the car with fuel goes here as well, as most people cannot work without their vehicle.

This means for essentials such as food, not for things you don’t need. Make a trip to the grocery store once a week only and avoid all other shops in the mall on that trip. Make a shopping list and stick to it! Oh yes, and make sure you eat before you go. Hungry shoppers buy more, and buy more junk food than non-hungry shoppers!

Pocket Money
love and money 2Any money that you have leftover can go to things like cafes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and so on. This spending will absolutely not drive you broke and will make you feel better, especially as your credit cards get paid off and your net financial worth increases.

As your debt level decreases and your financial health increases, use the extra money to pay the remaining debts off more quickly and put extra into your savings. Pocket money should receive a little of this extra cash, but only a little…You are learning to control your finances, remember?!

When Venus has been tamed, your debts are paid and you’re looking fabulous, you will be ready to build the sort of life you always wanted with the sort of partner you deserve.