positive 2Insights demonstrate that we have a tendency to harp on the negative five times more than the positive. With information like that, it’s no big surprise that the world appears like such a negative spot. In any case, it doesn’t need to feel that way! On the off chance that you are burnt out on concentrating on the negative and might want to search for the positive in life, take after these six basic rules.

  1. Identify the Positive Every Day
    Why do we make such a big deal about the negatives in life, while casually passing over all that is positive? Isn’t it better to put greater focus on the positive? It is, if you prefer to be in a good mood most of the time. Take a moment to pause and reflect when something good happens to you during the day. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing; it just has to be a good thing. From getting a fresh cup of coffee in the office kitchen to having a great sandwich at lunch, if you identify the positives you will be in a better mood.
  2. Don’t Blame Yourself for Being Negative
    Thinking positive isn’t always easy to do and it isn’t always something you can just do. If you have to force yourself to be think positive, don’t. It will just make you feel more negative, and you’ll end up beating yourself up for it.
    positive 3
  3. Decrease Negative Thoughts
    If you can’t muster up the strength to think more positive thoughts, you can work on decreasing your negative thoughts. Just shut them down! For example, let’s say you want to ask someone out on a date. Identify any negative thoughts you may have about the encounter and decrease them.
    For example: They may say no. If they do, they’re missing out on getting to know a great person.
    B. They may say no. If they do then they aren’t my soulmate.
  4. Engage in Face-to-Face Communication to Quash Misunderstanding
    If someone is already having a bad day, they may misinterpret and email or text. They may see sarcasm where it doesn’t exist. You don’t want to unintentionally anger a friend, relative or coworker, so face-to-face communication is best. You can get your point across, express sympathy or empathy in a believable way if you meet face-to-face. That way, your day is more positive too.
  5. Show Authentic Emotion
    positive 1When you’re having a stressful day, I’m sure you like to have your problems acknowledged. The empathy or sympathy given to you by others helps you get through your day. Be sure to show that same kind of authentic emotion when others are distressed. It helps them find a way to overcome.
  6. Know the Time and Place for Negative Thinking
    Negative thinking isn’t all bad. Sometimes it can help you succeed, and that’s positive. When you’re really fearful of failure, negative thinking can help you get prepared. That’s because we tend to prepare ourselves more when we are fighting against failure. Sometimes negativity is your mind’s way of lighting a fire under your rear to make good things happen.