Get Rid of Negativity

If you have picked up negative energies in your environment or in your life, it can cause your aura to have energy that isn’t good for you. It is important that you clear your energy and cleanse your aura so that you can raise your vibrations.

When you want to cleanse, there are many things that you can do but you can also use the elements provided for you including the air, fire, earth and water elements.

Using the Air Element for Cleansing

When you want to use the air element to cleanse your aura, you need to focus on your breathing. Stand up tall and make sure that you are using your diaphragm to breath. Let the air fill your body until your stomach sticks out and then count down from five. Do this for about five minutes each day so that you can cleanse your aura.

Focusing on your breathing work is one way that you can really get the energy clear. You need to be mindful of how the air is going in and out of your body and that it is filling your lungs. As you do this, you will get rid of negative energy and send oxygen to your blood.

Using the Fire Element for Cleansing

Fire is used to purify things and it is one way that you can purify your own aura energy. You can do this by using candles, a firepit, fire bowls or more. Find a place that you can light a fire and you can cleanse your area and make your aura stronger.

Once you find a fire source, you can use this to cleanse your life. Think of a violet flame going all around you and getting rid of any kind of negativity.

Using the Earth Element for Cleansing

The earth is able to cleanse things on its own by you just walking in it. You can connect with this energy and you can see that it can get rid of negative aura energy and can ground you. The earth allows energy to come by you, but it will ground you and the negative energy will leave. You will no longer absorb these negative energies in your aura when you use the earth to help you.

Spend time going out in nature. Hug a tree, go barefoot in the grass, swim in the ocean, whatever you need to do to raise your vibrations. The earth will help you.

Using the Water Element for Cleansing

Water is another element that is there for your use. It can be used to cleanse negativity out of your aura. This is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura because you can ask the universe to help you and get rid of negativity while you take a bath, shower, or even drink water.

When you take a bath or shower to cleanse your aura, watch the water flow down the drain and never to enter your aura again. You can even go outside and sit by the ocean and let the ocean ions cleanse your life. This allows you to use both the water and the air element to help you.