Patiently Await your Twinflame

Patience might have never been your strong suit.  It can especially be true when it applies to love.  Focus on preserving high vibrational energy and cultivating positive thoughts or actions.  Although you might be antsy to reunite with your twinflame, it is important to shift your mindset from a place of waiting to a period of action to promote growth within yourself and society.

Accept your desire to be with your twinflame is a clear sign that your love is truly out there.  Trust the process is working in a manner that is benefiting you both and you will find each other when you both are ready.  Treat this time or growth and learning as a blessing.

When you can be content with the “now” you will be able to raise your vibration and experience more self-love.  As you refine your abilities of self-care your cosmic emissions will reach your twinflame and you both can better tap into the warm, unending love of the Divine.  You will better align your frequencies and use this energy to empower yourselves and the entirety of the Universal community.  Understand that you both might have made a contract before reentering Earth that you would physically meet on a certain date or in a particular lifetime.

Every day make it a point to balance your energy and chakras.  This will expel energy that hinders your mood, growth and ability to connect with your twinflame.  Whenever either twin does energy work, the other twin benefits as well.  This is a great method to help you both feel connected even when you can’t be physically together.  Even apart, energy work will help grow your bond and promote both growth and positivity.

Waiting can be hard.  Be patient, know that you love will find you when the time is right.  In the meantime, this is period that allows you to focus on yourself, your needs and your goals for life.  Enjoy time that you can be present in other relationship or tangible work.  Cultivate your passions, improve your health and resolve linger issues.  Use this time to clean your literal and metaphorical house.  Seek professional help for any physical or mental health, legal, business or financial issues.  When you reconnect with your twinflame you want to have optimal energy and wellness.  The healthy union you will share will facilitate a chakra awakening and ultimately alignment that will help you reach spiritual enlightenment together.