Twin Flame

Everyone on a twin flame journey will go through different stages. No matter which stage you are in with your twin flame, the connection with each other will be strong and you will be drawn to them. This can give you a lot of emotions and passion towards each other.

This kind of connection is one that is more than just a physical connection, but it is also a spiritual connection. The thing is twin flames can even make love without touching each other in the physical world. This can happen telepathically. This is why when your twin flame thinks of you, sometimes you might get sexually excited.

Signs They Are Thinking About You

Here are some signs that your twin flame is thinking about you:

  • Feeling Them

You can feel sometimes when someone is touching you through the spiritual realm. When your twin flame touches you and they aren’t around you, you will feel that someone is rubbing you or gently touching you.

This can be scary at first but once you know that this is your twin flame, you might get charged sexually. This is a connection that can bind your energy together with your sensations and emotions.

  • You Feel Their Body

Besides them just touching you, sometimes you can feel their body touching you. Here are some feelings you might have:

  • Feeling a change of temperature.
  • Your heart rate speeds up.
  • You are tingling.
  • Your heart chakra is opening.
  • Pressure on the body.
  • Change of weight.
  • Voice changes.
  • Feeling shivers.
  • Stomach butterflies.
  • Sexual Dreams

Dreams are a great way for your twin flame to connect with you. Once you are aware of each other, you can dream, and you can be with your twin flame.

This is a way that you can be with your twin flame sexually and you can do this by activating your dream by opening up your consciousness when you sleep. This is a way that you can manifest love and you can be with your twin even when you aren’t together.

Since there is such a strong connection, there will be no shame or negativity when this happens but just romance and love. You might also dream of your twin flame if they are thinking of you in a sexual way and they might dream of you if you are thinking of them sexually.

  • Goosebumps

Goosebumps are a sign that your twin might be thinking about you. Think about allowing this to fill your body and to feel the love that comes through it. Goosebumps often happen when there are strong emotions and when this happens, your body is doing this to keep you warm.

Goosebumps are triggered by songs, thoughts, and other things and if you get a phantom touch from your twin, you will likely get goosebumps.

  • You Just Know

Sometimes your inner wisdom will tell you that your twin flame is thinking about you. There is no real information or proof that this is happening, but you just know. This is because they are a mirror of your soul, and you know them just like you know yourself.

  • Feeling Sexual

You might get sexual thoughts out of nowhere and this can make you aroused. This can happen when your twin flame is thinking about you or wanting to be with you. Sometimes when you wake up early in the morning and you have a desire to think about them or to have sex, they are as close to you as they can be without physically being there.

  • They Call You

Your twin flame might call you at the exact time that you are thinking about them. Or they might text you and tell you that they miss you. This can happen because you both are connected, and they know that you need a reunion with them.

  • Psychics

A psychic can tell you when your twin flame is reaching out to you. They can give you insight on what is going on with your twin and your relationship and help you to know what stage you are in life.

  • Tarot Card Reading

Sometimes you will get a tarot card reading and you will draw cards that show that there is love and sexual delight. Here are some of the cards you might get:

  • The Knight of Wands: This represents sexual energies.
  • The Ace of Wands: Represents lust.
  • The Star: Shows tantric sex.
  • Three of Cups: represents a threesome.
  • The Eight of Wands: Dirty sex.
  • The Four of Swords: Missionary sex.
  • Ace of Pentacles: Woman in a relationship ovulation.
  • The Eight of Swords: BDSM.
  • The Temperance: Good Sexual chemistry.

Tarot cards can give you a lot of information on what is going on with your twin and how you can get deeper meanings about what is going on in your relationship.

  • You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

When you can’t stop thinking about your twin then chances are that they are thinking about you, or they are fantasizing about having sex with you. Since your souls are connected, this means you are sharing the same feelings.

Notice what is going on in hour life and what you are feeling. Remember to take care of yourself and be the best that you can be.

  • Energy Shifts

There are times that your energy will shift, and you will become very energetic for no reason. When this happens, you will have a more powerful sex drive. This can happen and cause your vibrations to raise. This happens because of your twin flame and their energy is also on the up and they are having a voltage of energy at the same time.

  • Dilating Pupils

Dilating pupils are a sign that your twin flame is undressing you in their mind. When they look at you and their pupils dilate, this is a sign that they are attracted to you and that they love to look at you.

  • Good Sexual Chemistry

There will be a spark between you and your twin flame, and this is important. This means that when you see them you are drawn to them. This is a time that you will want to be close to each other and you will wish that you could touch each other.

When you look at each other, it causes sexual tension to be there, and it gives you a feeling of lust and passion.

  • You Smile a Lot

Sometimes if you just smile for no reason, chances are that you are thinking intimate thoughts about someone, or they are thinking intimately about you. You can pick up the energy of thoughts that other people have about you.

  • Telepathic Sex

Twin flames are able to reach each other telepathically and if you can’t be with your twin at the time, chances are that they will have telepathic sex with you. This can happen more than once, and it is when your genitals get stimulated.

This flow of sexual energy will give you a space to be who you are and to align your mind with your body and experience a new experience.

  • Hearing Them Talk

When your twin flame is thinking about you, you might hear their voice. They might sound that they are seducing you with their voice. This is when you have a strong connection with them. When they want to reach out to you and you hear them, you are talking to each other telepathically.

  • Feelings of Warmth

One sign that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually is that your soul will feel an energy that makes your whole body warm. This sensation means that they are sending love out to you in the form of energy.

Final Thoughts

A twin flame will have a strong connection with you but there will also be a strong sexual connection. This is a romance, and it can be very passionate. This is a space that you can be in, and you and your twin don’t need to feel judged or to feel ashamed of it.

Engaging in sex with your twin flame can be exciting, passionate and can make a bond of trust between the two of you. This is something that can make your relationship even stronger.