Why Things Happen

What makes you happy? What makes people unhappy? Do you ever sit back and wonder why things happen that make you unhappy? Sometimes the choices that you have made are reasons that you are not happy today.

If you don’t want to hear this, there are other reasons that people say that things will make you unhappy and maybe you want to know why this happens.

How This Happens

The soul is something that will go through different things to try to reach the awakening. Each time you do something spiritual, you are purifying your spirit mane. This is part of your destiny, and this is something that sets your mission intact.

The soul will go to a different place where there will be both strengths and weaknesses that are experienced. This is something that can affect your mind and your body. The idea of destiny isn’t just a concept, but it is something that deals with things like karma and other things.

Everyone is the master of their own fate and karma and reincarnation are there, but they are things that are mysterious. They are sometimes disappointing and sometimes bring sorrow. But how can you change your karma to make sure that you don’t have to always suffer?

Gods of Karma

Gods of karma are what control karma and not each person. Karma is where the soul comes into the world, and it is the guardian of your soul. This is part of the soul growth and when you reincarnate karma will judge you for what you are doing. This is part of your fate and your future.

The Law of Karma guides you in this and it tells you that there is a destiny and that there is past life karma. What you did in those times will change what happens to you now and will be part of the rebirth.

Soul Movement

The soul will reach its destiny and find it when it enters the body. The birth of this is a game of survival and you have been given instincts to live this life. Karmic placement doesn’t always work on a spiritual level, but it is part of the human body and choices that are made.

Everyone wants to have spiritual freedom and as they live many past lives, they will see that their soul will be more creative and will get information from their past lives. You earn the right to get this information and to find your destiny.

Look at your talents and the things that bring you wisdom and destiny. This is something that doesn’t have to do with cultural bias and no matter what you are dealing with, life is full of free will and fate. Destiny controls what you do, and this is part of who you are and what you do based on free will.

Fate will be there when you are born, and it allows you to move beyond what you are going through in your life. Free will can help you to overcome roadblocks that try to stop you from reaching your destiny. It can help you to awaken and to find your spiritual self.