Learn to Protect Yourself as an Empath

There are different kinds of empaths in the world and some of them can just sense the feelings or emotions of those around them and some can sense the feelings of people, objects and places and they are able to know what is going on around them without someone telling them.

Being an empath can be hard and uncomfortable and if you are an empath that has physical powers, you can even feel the pain of others and this can be hard to grasp.

Empaths can be put into different categories, but they have a gift and if they know how to protect themselves, then they can stay strong.

Physical Empath

A physical empath is someone that is able to feel things of objects and they can feel the energy of them. This can include people and if someone has pain or sickness, an empath can often feel these things. They are able to understand the sicknesses and disorders of others and sometimes pick up the symptoms of them.

If an empath is around someone that is depressed, they will pick up the depression or the physical pain. This will not really respond to medication and when the cases are really hard, the empath can stay sick for a long time.

Some empaths hate being in crowds or around people because they feel drained because of the energy. Being an empath is a gift but if you don’t know how to balance yourself, you will find that the symptoms of an empath can be dramatic, and it can be hard for an empath to move forward in life.

Here are some things that you might pick up that are not your own:

  • If you feel overly sensitive.
  • If you are a hypochondriac
  • Being someone that is talking to someone and then you need a nap, this could be an energy vampire.
  • You feel sick in crowds.
  • You pick up the stress of those around you.
  • People that are angry cause you to be tired or exhausted.
  • You go to the doctor just to have them tell you that you are okay.
  • You become overwhelmed easily.
  • You pick up negative energies of those around you.
  • You have a stomach that seems to pick up sings.
  • You trust your gut feeling.
  • You can tell when someone is sick.

If you feel these things and you pick up the emotions of others, here are some things that can help you:

  • Ask your guides to help you and to protect you.
  • Keep your time limited to people that complain a lot.
  • Use different things such as sage sticks to keep your energy strong.
  • Listen to positive affirmations.
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol to feel better.
  • Write down what you are feeling.
  • Drink a lot of water and green tea.