Knowing if You are a Psychic

Are you one of those people that seem to know stuff, but you don’t have a real reason that you know these things? Chances are you are getting messages from the spirit world and you might be wondering if you are psychic. This is an article that can help you to figure out if you are psychic or not.

Psychics are people that can tap into the energy world and get information. They are there to be given gifts so that they can help others and they can help themselves. These people will seek help from the spiritual world and will be able to have emotions and feelings that help them to face things and know things.

Some psychics will see visions while others will hear voices. They will sense things and experience things and sometimes they might wonder if they are crazy or if they are psychic.

Psychic Medium

If you wonder if you are a psychic medium, you will wonder what your gifts and powers are. You will wonder if you are skilled or gifted or if you are crazy. The psychic gifts that you have can help you to find the purpose you have in life and help you on your spiritual journey.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is something that means that you have already seen it. If you get these feelings when you go to a certain place or to a certain thing or meet a certain person, this can mean that you are psychic.

Maybe you have a strange feeling, and you are familiar with the place. This can be one of the biggest signs that you are a medium and that the universe is trying to connect with you in the past and the present. Always pay attention and see this as an opportunity.

Tingling Sensations

The third eye is located between your eyebrows and is a place where your intuition lies. This is on your forehead and when it is activated, it can tingle. This can show you that it is open.

When your third eye is open, it allows you to connect with the spiritual world and to be on your journey to being a psychic. This is where you can get many of your signals.


Everyone dreams but not everyone has vivid dreams. If you find that you are having dreams that seem to have symbols and signs, pay attention.

Take time each day to write these things down and to listen to the messages that the psychic world is giving you. There can be many hidden messages in dreams, and you don’t want to forget any of them.


Do you find that you are very sensitive and that you can feel the feelings of people around you? Maybe you know what someone is feeling, and you can even physically feel their pain. If this happens to you then you are probably an empath. An empath is a psychic that is very sensitive to the energies around them.

Some empaths feel the negativity when they walk into a room and they have a hard time being around people for long periods of time.

If you have these feelings and you are an empath, learn how to take care of yourself and protect yourself and not let your abilities get the best of you.

Psychics need to have healthy lives and being around negative people can be hurtful for those that are empaths. This can cause them to feel like a victim. Always be calm and take time to rest and let your energies build back up.

Gut Feeling

A psychic will have strong gut feelings, and these are instincts from the universe. The universe will show them things and make them feel that something isn’t right or make them change their choices and go a different direction.

If you have these feelings, chances are the universe wants you to know your psychic powers. Always listen.

Sharp Senses

Do you hear things that sound like a whisper or smell things that no one else senses? Maybe you see things in the corner of your eyes? If you have these senses, you probably are psychic.

Psychics have extra sharp senses, and they can use these sense to get messages. Some are telepathic and some have the clair gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and more. They are able to tune into their feelings and know things.

If you think you are a psychic, take time to figure out your giftings. Pay attention to what is going on around you and learn to embrace your powers.

Being patient and getting guidance can help you to figure out your inner powers. Talk to a psychic and connect with someone that can lead you down the right path in your life. Learn and discover these great powers that you have.