At one point, you will fall madly in love with someone. Fast forward a few months or years later and it is over… You say your heartbreaking goodbyes or worse, you just never talk again.

The gut wrenching feeling you get after breaking up or divorcing someone that you have loved so deeply is I believe one of the most painful experiences we have to go through this lifetime.

It changes us.
It molds us.
It causes us to question everything we have ever known and what the future holds for us. 
We become lost, angry, hurt. Often, we hold on to that. In our minds we believe that if we hold on to that pain that we are somehow still holding on to a piece of them. After all, still having that piece is better than nothing right? Wrong. I have worked as a professional psychic for several years, and the most commonly asked question is, “When will he/she come back”? What if they aren’t meant too though? What if you are really meant to move on but won’t?
Holding On
The worst thing that you can do to yourself when a relationship ends that is meant to end is hold on. Not only will it only cause pain for you, but it will also hinder you from being able to move forward and find love again, perhaps a love that is even stronger. I know, you probably don’t want too or feel like you won’t ever again anyway, but if you give the universe a chance you will find that something very beautiful happens once you allow yourself to just let go. Imagine the phoenix rising from the ashes.
Letting Go
You are probably wondering how you are supposed to know if a relationship is meant to end. Well, we don’t. Unless that relationship has clear reasons as to why it should not go on, most times we are left wondering. The truth is though, most relationships end or have space because there is growth that is meant to happen with one person or both. There is fear that needs to be let go of and in general there is healing of some sort that needs to take place.
When a break up happens and you don’t know why it ended, the best thing that you can do is focus on what you were meant to learn from the relationship, allow yourself to heal from the hurt, and let go of the fear associated with being alone and letting that person go. This way, if that person is truly meant to come back into your life, when they do you will be ready to move forward full speed ahead and on an even strong foundation.
3 Types of Soulmates
There are a few different types of soulmates in our lives. I personally believe that we have three. We have a healing soulmate, a karmic soulmate and a twin flame. Most of the time, we are meant to learn lessons from our karmic soulmates; learn and grow with our twin flames and then spend our lives with our healing soulmate. Most of us spend our lives working through our karmic soul mates and our twin flames, and it can be hard. However, there will be that healing soulmate that comes along and when they do, they will continue to remain in your life despite the ups and down. Let go of your karmic soulmates to allow yourself to find and embrace your healing one.