Every child is special. Each and ever one of them has their unique qualities.  Some have an extra added something in addition to their natural wonder. Some children are in tune with the supernatural world, but being children, they just don’t know how to express themselves.  They can become frustrated when trying to make themselves understood, and some lose their power when they realize that then need to quash their natural talents in order to fit in with society. A sign that your child is clairvoyant or has second sight is a tendency to drift off in thought.  While they are present, they may be engaged in something else that is happening within their field of “vision”

Your child may also have stronger visions in the form of dreams or nightmares.

A young child may be having visions in the form of dreams or nightmares. This can understandably frighten your child and make them reluctant to go to sleep. If they cannot communicate their feelings they may avoid bedtime. This can cause the child to think of bedtime as a punishment.

This type of child may also discuss in great detail places they have never been, or are familiar with people they have never met. If  they do not communicate this effectively they can be accused of lying.

Many children have imaginary friends. It is not uncommon. But the imaginary  friend of this special child may be a part of the child’s spiritual reality.  This may be manifested in the child talking to a friend who seems to respond, sometimes carrying on entire conversations.

How do you know if the child is psychic or just troubled? It’s not an easy distinction to make.  Here are a few tips.  Deeply troubled children seem to lack empathy or have trouble showing emotions.  Psychic sensitive children are very empathetic, even crying when others are sad, or feeling the emotions of others. They are also very in tune to the feelings of others; they can even be immobilized by extreme negativity.

This special kind of child needs special understanding and leadership.  You don’t want your special child to feel that they are a freak or some kind of monster. Pay attention to your child, ask about any of the signs you may have seen and keep an open mind.  The point is to be emotionally available to your child, especially if they have this special gift.