Age in Heaven

Age in HeavenPeople will sometimes ask if they will get older in heaven because we celebrate birthdays on earth in order to mark the life of someone that is important to us.  On Earth, all milestones are important, and people like to keep in mind that we like to mark when something important has happened.

On Earth, things are not the same as in heaven and the importance that we have in the physical world is not the same as in the spiritual world.  When in heaven, people have energy and the spirit forms are not the same as the physical forms on earth.

In heaven people will look different and will not be sick or have any diseases.  They might be a certain age in heaven, but no one is really sure.


Some religions believe that when a husband and wife pass away at different times that they will be in heaven at their happiest time together. This will be the age that their spouse joins them at and they will leave their physical body and have a spirit form.

When children pass, some believe that they will not age and they will stay there and watch over the Earth until their parents and siblings get there.  People who have been depressed or sad in their life will be happier in heaven and will be part of their younger days.

The spirit is a reflection, and many believe that when they go to heaven that they will look like their physical appearance.


Most people believe that heaven will be a reunion and you will see your soul mate on the other side.  Loved ones in heaven don’t want people to worry on Earth and they want to support you and your life and they expect to see you again soon.