Removing Blocks to Success with a Psychic Reading

Removing Blocks to Success with a Psychic ReadingIf you have ever felt like something was almost physically holding you back from success, it could be a block inside your mind. Some will blame lack of will power, indecisiveness, or ever stress and fatigue, but the problem could be inside.

Subconscious Blocks

Blocks lodged deep within our subconscious minds could be limiting or totally hindering our success if we have worked hard toward a goal and still cannot make progress. Blocks are negative energy that has piled up in the mind and is not allowing positive energy to get through as needed.

This can sound confusing, but the best way to think of the mind is like stacking boxes or dolls  with one inside the other, three levels. The first box, the biggest, is the outer one and it is for daily use. We know what is there and have mastered it. This includes things like critical, analytical, and logical thinking. This box also stores temporary memory, like a new name or concept we are just learning.

The next box is the middle one, nestled inside the largest, and is the subconscious mind. This area is where emotions, beliefs, experiences, memories, and feelings are held. Then the smallest box, but also one of the most important, is the unconscious mind. This is where the abilities to automatically control the body’s reflexes are held. This is what keeps us breathing without having to think of every breath. It is also where dreams and intuitions originate, but it is not accessible anytime we want.

Types of Blocks

There are many sources for negative blocks in the subconscious mind, several will be shared below.

Past Lives

Since everyone is constantly being reborn as a way to reach our highest spiritual potential, we all have past lives. During each of our past lives we have experienced negatives, just like in the current life. Bad things sometimes happen and they permanently mark the soul. The marks can be good or bad as all events leave a permanent mark.

The most awful experiences, like being shamed repeatedly, being killed, or even being with someone who cheated, leaves negative energy in the subconscious that we may not be aware of at first. Though it is doubtful we will ever actually remember the soul-marking experience, the negativity stays within us as we move to the next life. This then manifests in some way, often repeatedly in several lives. This negativity prevents us from reaching our full potential in the current life. This often shows up as fear of something without an explanation, like the fear of being ridiculed even though this has never happened in the current life.

Current Life

Negative energy is not always a carry over form past lives, it can also be from our current lives. If we grow up with negative emotions around often, they can create a negative block. This block can prevent us from seeing the positive in life that the universe gives. This will make it very difficult to find success.

Other People

Others can also create subconscious blocks in our lives. Those who are around us with their own blocks can spread negativity that we pick up without realizing it. Though these blocks may remain hidden for a long time, eventually they will surface. If you believe a block may exist in your life, then it could affect your overall success.

How Blocks Prevent Success

The worst part about a subconscious block is that we do not realize it is present, yet it is enemy number one. These blocks can sabotage opportunities that are in your life and even cause you to pass up on things because of a block making you fear change.

Some people may feel like they are never good enough, even at their best. This could be a block from childhood that is keeping you from reaching your ultimate goal. You may feel stuck or trapped in life or lose all sense of purpose and value. You may watch others become successful and feel they took advantage or do not truly deserve the success. This is a vicious cycle, but it can be stopped.

Psychic Readings to Remove Blocks

Though many have tried other methods, the subconscious mind can only be accessed with psychic powers. The Vedic Rishis, ancient seers, were masters. They were occult seeing and spiritual realizers that saw the truth. They were able to do this by accessing the universe’s higher realms. In current times, there are only a few who hold these ways to enter the subconscious. Someone who has this knowledge can show you the blocks in your mind that are preventing success.

These masters can determine the block’s source by travelling through time dimensions to see what caused the negative build up. Then the masters can help remove the same block. This healing can reignite vigor in your life and help you to reach goals successfully.