Emotional Vampires

Emotional VampiresAsk yourself these questions and be honest with your answers.  Never be dishonest with yourself.  This quiz can help to find out if you are an emotional vampire.

  1. Do you feel that people don’t understand what you are going through?
  2. Do you feel that your life has too many barriers?
  3. When asking for help from others, no one wants to help you?
  4. Do you feel that you don’t get enough attention?
  5. Do you complain a lot and refuse to listen to others?
  6. Do you feel that most people have life easier than you have it?
  7. Do you fight with people you are close to?
  8. If the fight normally someone else’s fault?
  9. Do you stop talking to people for no reason?
  10. Do you feel helpless?

If you answered yes to those questions, especially more than half of them, chances are that you are the problem and that you need to get help to take a real look at your mind and emotions.

If you answered yes to at least half of those questions, you are probably an emotional vampire.  This means that you have probably been hurt in the past and as a result, you hurt people around you.  You don’t mean to and most of the time you don’t even know that you are doing it.

Now, you might be mad at this and decide that you don’t want to read this, but the truth is that emotional vampires are easy to spot.  Sometimes, we are even involved with them.  They can leave a scar on your life and cause pain, so if you are one, you need to read on.

Emotional Problem

You need to know that emotional vampires are called this because they take out your emotional energy everywhere, they go.  They are always in need and wanting attention.  They always have problems or crisis’s in their life and they are great at feeding off of other people’s emotions.

Most emotional vampires have bad self-esteem, and this comes in different ways and can be different depending on who the person is.  Emotional vampires have specific traits such as their need for attention, the thought that they do nothing wrong and the belief that they have nothing wrong with themselves.

This can be dangerous because those characteristics reinforce each other and they can cause people around them, even ones that they love, to be sucked into their emotional problems.

Emotional vampires are not just losers, they can be the best people that you will ever meet.  They come in different shapes and sizes and can be partners or friends.

Needing Attention

When you have a conversation with an emotional vampire, chances are it will be dominated by them.  They will talk about their problems and about how people make them so miserable.  They will talk about how pathetic everyone is and they will be self-centered.  They will think they are part of a team but you will know by how the conversation goes as to what team they are on.

Emotional vampires will come into public and want attention.  They will want to be the center of everyone’s world and will try to do things to get attention.  They will have an emotional reaction to everything from anger to pity.

This need for attention will push people away and will make people not want to be in their life.  They will cause ups and downs and will cause people around them to suffer.  They will try to be affirmed and they will feel like a victim if someone doesn’t want to be around them.

Not Their Fault

An emotional vampire will always be needy and will get reactions that are negative form other people and will drive them away.  With this negative energy, the person will be upset and feel that they are just rude or racist.

These behaviors lead to the need for validation which makes people not want to be around them and brings negative energy.  An emotional vampire can be anti-social and will do this because they have to put their negative energies in the universe.

The rationalizations of not being liked will cause them to talk bad about people, men being pigs, or women being rude.  They will not know they are the cause.

There is one person that will want to get close to an emotional vampire and that is someone that has low self-esteem.  They will be dysfunctional too and will want to be around someone else that is negative.  They are the people that attract like mindedness and want to be miserable too.


An emotional vampire should get the point that they are bringing people down, but they don’t.  They do not internally examine themselves and they choose not to build up their relationships.

They are not able to be honest with themselves and realize that they are pushing people away.  They will blame others and will try to act innocent.  They blame others and complain all the time and never develop the idea to analyze their emotions and find out why things are how they are.

Breaking Out

If you read this and you have all the signs and symptoms, you need to change.  You can do this by paying attention to things you can and cannot control and learning to understand that things don’t matter.  You need to stop worrying abouat things and stop blaming everyone else for things that go wrong.  Learn to focus on what youc an control.

Practice being thankful.  No matter how bad things are, things could be worse and you need to make sure you are thankful when things are not that bad.  You might not have a mansion, but you could be homeless.  You might have hateful parents, but you could have abusive parents.  Point out all of the positive things in your life and say them out loud each day.


Start being kind and doing nice things for others.  You might not get credit for it, but don’t worry about that.  Experiment each day for a week and be kind to someone.  Listen to them, give them something nice and complement them.

Try these things and do them without expecting something in return.  You might want to ask for something in return, but don’t.  Control yourself and learn to be responsible for your own actions.  Practice being thankful and kind.

Practice these things and become aware of what you are doing and thinking.  Create a new feedback system in your mind and imagine that you are reaching a point where you stop being an emotional vampire.  You might find that you really can develop some new friendships and relationships.