Cleansing the Chakras with Sleep

Cleansing your chakras is very important and aura cleansing meditation can help you do this through sleep. It can help you to heal and balance your seven chakras.

This kind of meditation can happen whenever you are ready to go to sleep. As you sleep, meditation works with your chakras and allows them to become balanced. It will help to cleanse your aura also and uses sound as a tool to help you with this. Living your life is hard sometimes and this kind of meditation is easy to balance you naturally while you are sleeping.

How to Do Chakra Meditation with Sleep

Here is how to do sleep chakra meditation:

  • Start by laying down in a place where you are comfortable and where you will be able to sleep.
  • Get rid of your mind chatter by focusing only on how you are breathing.
  • Close your eyes and imagine that light is flowing over you.
  • Be aware of who you are and of your spirit guides.
  • Ask your guides to lead you as you go to sleep.
  • Ask your guides to let you have light and let it to go to your different chakras.
  • Let the music change and get rid of anything negative in your life.
  • Balance your chakras and let your aura become cleansed.
  • As you wake up, make sure you take a few moments to sit up and breathe.
  • Drink some water before you get up and then go and have breakfast.

This is a kind of meditation that you don’t have to do each day but something that can be done a few times a week. If you have energy inside of you that seem stagnant or that seems slow, this kind of meditation can help you.

Having low energy can be harmful and it can mean that you have negative energies in your body. Cleanse your aura each day so that you can get rid of these negative energies because they come on you when you are around people that are negative.

This can help you to raise your vibrations and to be stronger. Pay attention to what you are feeling each day and how these feelings are affecting your life.

If you have been somewhere that is negative or if you feel that you have picked up negative energies, note that these energies will cling to your aura, and they will cause you to lack in energy and joy.

By making sure that you are cleansed and that your chakras are balanced, you will see that you feel good and that you are healthy. Having strong chakras means that you are whole in your mind, body and soul.

Take time to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and that you are keeping your mind, body and soul strong from negative energy around you.