Cleansing the Energy

Most people have heard of cleansing energy but not everyone understands it. When you have a home or an apartment, you want to have good energy in it. This can go for your workplace as well. Do you feel tired or irritated all of the time? This could mean that you have negative energy in your space.

Cleansing isn’t just for someone that bought a new place or has a new job, you can use this technique when you have just had a fight or if you have had something negative happen in your space.

You want to make sure that you are getting rid of negativity and that you are aware of the energy in your space. You should feel protected and happy when you are somewhere and not stressed or uneasy.

Always make sure that you are sensitive to people around you when you are cleansing things. It can be hard to do this when you are in a workplace with other people but if you can cleanse your workplace, by all means, do it.

Some people don’t believe in cleansing and these kinds of practices, and they see them as New Age, so it is important that you know how to do this without offending others.

Herbs and Incense

Smudging is one of the best ways to cleanse an area. You can take dried herbs and you can light them and let the smoke fill your areas. This is a spiritual practice for many cultures and can help to get rid of negativity.

Smudging is paired with meditating, and you should be meditating while you are smudging any of your areas. When your herbs burn, walk through the home and let the smoke fill every corner and all spaces. Be positive while you do this. Always be responsible when you are using herbs and other incense.

Crystal Cleansing

Crystals are ways that you can cleanse your space without bothering others. Find crystals that bring calmness and peace and place them throughout your home or at your desk in your workplace.

You can use amethyst or even selenite to make good vibrations come to your area. Crystals that are dark can give good energy to your area and they can also ground and protect you from attacks.

Find crystals that are good at cleansing themselves so that you don’t have to try and cleanse your crystals. But if you do, you can put them in moonlight or you can smudge to cleanse and get rid of their negative energies.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can help to get rid of negativity. You can put them in a diffuser or even wear them on your own body. You can use things like lavender or peppermint to cleanse your energy. You can even make a room spray and it will smell good and protect you.

These oils can also cleanse your aura and make you strong both inside and outside of your body. Make sure that you are careful what oils that you use around pets.


Sounds can change your space. You can use songs to cleanse your area from negativity. There are other things like singing bowls that can be played to get rid of negative energy around you.

The vibrations of sound can help to make your space cleansed and strong and can also balance your chakras along the way.


Salt is one way to cleanse your energies. You can take a salt bath, or you can use a salt lamp. This can be beneficial to your mind, body and soul and has many healing effects for your body. There are many great health benefits such as positive respiratory function and less stress with salt lamps.

Salt lamps are also great at fighting electromagnetic radiation and to absorb energies that you don’t want in your life. You can also use plants in your house for the same purpose.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have positive energies in your home or office, you can use some of the techniques to make that happen. Always be respectful of those around you and allow the power of these techniques to increase your energy and to get rid of negativity.