Positively pick yourself up. 

Are you feeling blue, glum or just plain crummy because you have seen yourself backsliding into bad habits?  Everyone has a setback a time or two. It’s normal and human.   Don’t let yourself get bogged down into staying back in your old rut.  Face your demons and get back on the right path.  Don’t let yourself turn a slip into a fall.

Start small:

  1. Take it one thing at a time. Do something good or for good.  Do a favor for someone. Something very small, like giving the cat an extra treat or taking out the trash for your roommate can give you a quick and positive boost.
  2. Take the next step. Now that you see what a small change can do, go back to your plan and slowly get back to it.
  1. Make a list.

Set forth a plan of attack.  If you are going to start taking better care of yourself, set one small thing you can do, like drinking more water or taking a vitamin.

  1. Commit it to paper

An important part of the learning process is writing. The very act of putting words on to paper helps seal the idea into your brain. Make a specific plan and write it down.  You review this plan daily to help reinforce the commitment

  1. Put yourself first. Once you have a plan, set some time to make it happen. Think ahead and consult your plan to see how you can streamline your approach
  2. Mindfulness is your friend.  Make the time to take the time.  Once you have your plan in place, really commit to it by being present. If you are making a commitment to better health give it your full attention.  Don’t divide your attention.
  3. Get community support.  If you are looking to make a serious life change, enlist the help of people who are going through the same thing.  This may mean stepping away from people who have dragged you down in the past.
  4. Enlist the buddy system Get the help of a close friend or a confidante to check in with. This can be a friend or a life coach or anyone who has your best interests in mind.