Many of the winged creatures on our planet have been seen as spirit messengers. These are often birds such as cardinals or hummingbirds. One of these more colorful messengers is the butterfly. The butterfly will definitely capture your attention. Their flight patterns will also catch your focus. If one is persistent in its approach to you, you may have someone wanting to contact you from the other side.

The butterfly may appear when you are feeling connected to a lost loved one or if you are in need of guidance.  The butterfly is trying to visually signal that you are not alone.

A butterfly is a lovely and safe way for a spirit to reach out to you. The bright colors will gain your notice as will their approach to you. The butterfly itself is a sign of transformation and change.  Since the creature goes through a specific transition , it is the perfect symbol that a path has been crossed.

Many feel connected to animals as we seek them out to be our guides for the spirit realm.  These guides help provide us with traits that we feel are lacking in our human selves.  The butterfly, with its connection to positive change, is a magnificent symbol and source of strength as we go through our life’s changes. The butterfly helps us know that we are not alone.

Our dearly departed loved ones will help if we need to be inspired or are feeling alone. You can gather your feelings and thoughts and ask for a sign.   You may soon see evidence that you have been heard by getting some small sign. That sign might just be a butterfly.