Many people find considerable significance in sighting different animals. Some animals are commonly known as spirit animals as there is a specific amount of symbolism associated with them.   Robins, for example, are said to be a sign that change is coming.   Robins, with their quiet beauty are said to be message bearers from the divine.

Robins are both curious and cautious. We enjoy looking at them and they definitely notice that they are being seen.  What does it really mean when we are gazing upon a robin?

Robins are creatures of familial habit. They return year after year to their birthplace to  procreate. Thus, robins build a community.  This is  a signifier of safety and the support of a family unit.

Robins are also connected with guardian angels and are a sign of transition. This can be interpreted to mean that a prayer or wish is being answered.  It can also mean that you are due for a transition and should take the chance and stretch your wings.  The robin also indicates your place in the world as a source of wisdom.  It also indicates that you do not hold on to the past.

The Robin has been viewed as a sign of fire, because of the red chest, and of the sun, because the beak indicates the yellow rays of the sun.  Some see the yellow beak as an urge to speak the truth.  The white ring around the robin’s eye can indicate a vision of the future.

The robin’s simple beauty has many meanings connected with it. New beginnings, fresh awakenings  and connection to the world are just the beginning. These are things you can view every time you see a robin.