Healing Your Energy Levels to Bring Balance

People do not have to be healers or Reiki gurus in order to have energy healing each and every day. Whenever you feel that you are lacking in something or that your body, mind, or soul is in need of healing, you can ground yourself and bring your energy levels to the place of healing and restoration.

Universe and Energy

You can connect with the energy of the universe if you want to always have energy that keeps you healthy. The universal energy can bring you healing and creativity in your life. You can do this easily by imagining that a cord is going through your body and down into he center of the earth.

As you feel the cord growing, you need to take deep breaths and imagine the energy of the earth coming to your whole body. This can come from your feet to your legs, up your trunk, through your stomach area and all the way to the top of your head.

Allow the energy to flow and to come out of your head like rain and go back into the center of the earth. Do this each time you feel that you need more universal energy.

Aura Cleansing

Being balanced means that you are healthy and strong but when you feel unbalanced, it can mean that you have picked up too much negative energy in your life. It can cause your body and your mind to be lacking and can drop your vibrations. Each of the vibrations that come to you are part of your aura and the color that it represents.

Imagine that your aura is all different colors like a rainbow but that the rainbow is off and need energy. Just like plugging in a stream of lights, imagine that you need to plug your aura in to get it working bright and clear. Imagine that you need to do this so that you can be healthy and strong.

To get your aura to the right color, you need to let your left-hand fingers come to a point. Take the point and put it above your head.

As you keep your fingers at a point, put it over the other side of your head and hold it for a few seconds. Move to the other side and do the same thing.

As you do this over your energy centers, your aura will light up and you will be giving energy to all of the things in your body such as your organs, muscles, and blood flow.


When your body is in pain it can be hard to function. You need to learn to deep breathe and focus on the area of your body that is hurting you. Stand and let your breath go through the body and stop at the space where the pain is.

Imagine that the pain will move away form your body and will dissolve. Deep breathe until your pain is fully gone and you imagine white light covering your whole body and especially the place where you used to have the most pain.

Pay attention to what the pain is trying to tell you and note if you need to go to the doctor or not.

Energy Shield

As you connect and you get rid of pain and stress out of your body, you have to remember that your life is living energy. You will exchange energy here and there and this can be both negative and positive. Think of the people that you are spending your time with and what kind of energy they give you.

What happens when your life is full of negative energy? You have to learn to shield yourself from this energy and you can do it by imagining a shield going around you and not allowing negative energy to come into your life. This can keep you from pain and hurt and allow you to have your energy strong.

Sit for a few minutes and imagine a light of any color covering you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Let the light extend outside of the body so that it covers all of you.

Once you have this shield, you can change it to any color that you want and whatever makes you feel good and happy.

Each situation can call for different things so if you have to change your shield color, do it. Let your energy take care of your life.