Intuitive Empath

Being empathetic and being an empath are two completely different things. Most people will have some kind of empathy for others that are hurting or are in some kind of pain or bad situation, but an empath is one that feels the emotions and energies of people, animals and things and they feel these things in their own being.

What is the difference between being an empath and an intuitive empath? Someone that is an intuitive empath is one that is able to pick up on the tiniest behaviors or emotions that are deep inside of someone, and they will be able to know what is happening in that persons life without having to listen or ask any questions. An empath that doesn’t use intuition will not often pick up on the small cues but will still be able to feel what the person is feeling.

There are other kinds of empaths such as emotional, animal, earth, plant, physical and dream empaths, and these people all have the same kinds of traits such as being able to pick up on the energies around them, but an intuitive empath is one that can have any of these other giftings on top of their intuition and their empath giftings.

Here are some things that only an intuitive empath can relate to in life:

Choosing What Means Something

You might be someone that doesn’t organize things in their life, not that you don’t know how, but you just care about other things in life that are more meaningful.

You want to have meant in the things that you do for yourself, and others and you want to make sure that whatever things that you do that you are making a positive impact on others.

You are someone that would never just make a practical choice because you understand life in a deeper way, and you know that sometimes meaning is more powerful than practicality.

Understanding People

Being an empath means that you want to help others and you want to touch them in a positive way. Some people are not able to understand others and they don’t realize that people struggle and deal with things.

When you are an empath, you are able to get out of your own self and put yourself in the shoes of other people around you. You are able to know what they are feeling, and you can use these things to help them and to encourage them.

Solving Problems

One big sign that you might be an empath is that you are able to see things without people telling you about them.

You can use your gifting to know when someone needs help and when they need a problem solved in their life. You are someone that is able to come up with a solution and to know that the problem can be settled.

Some believe that someone that is overly sensitive have a hard time dealing with life but even though you might become overwhelmed with the weight of the world, you can find a way to deal with your own stress and anxieties in this world.


Your mind is always moving and so whenever you need to have some creative idea, your mind and emotions will not let you down.

You will feel how other people feel and you will use these feelings to create something to make others feel better.

You need to be able to let your feelings out and you can use your creativity to find things to do such as painting or music.


Everyone has problems and every day there are ways that we learn to fight our difficulties. As a person that is an empath, you can use your imagination to get rid of anxiety.

You love to have time alone and you will need this because you are always dealing so much with energies.

You Make a Difference

Your compassion is something that outdoes your pain and the pain that others have. You have people in your life that are there for you such as your family and your friends and you always understand what they are feeling.

You are someone that is an amazing friend and even if you are introverted sometimes, you will open up your soul to people that are good to you.


You suffer sometimes with the struggles of life but on top of that sensitivity and pain, you are gentle and loving and you are excited and happy to see things that are good.

You know that life doesn’t always give you the best, but you find a way to work through hard things and so exciting new things in your life make you feel free.

Positivity and Pain

Empaths pick up the emotions of people around them and therefore if they are surrounded by toxic people, they are naturally going to want to help them to heal. An empath will realize there is a time to walk away.

You will not let the negative energy of other people take you down and you will surround anything negative with something positive.

When you are around toxic energy or energy vampires, you will feel their negativity and it might make you feel sick or nervous.

If you want to stay healthy, you have to learn to be around people that are positive and make you feel good in your life.

Peace and Harmony

You are someone that is sensitive, and kind and you love to have peace. You will do what you can to bring balance and life to people around you. You grow as you inspire others and motivate them to live their best life.

You want peace and harmony to surround you and since you always pick up the energies of people around you, you will do things to solve problems and conflict.

Decision Maker

You are compassionate and loving and you are not good at making split second decisions. You have to take time to think things over and see things from all points of view.

You will pay attention to all of the information around you and the feelings that you pick up before you make a decision.


You aren’t someone that just hears but you actually listen. When someone is talking to you, you give them your undivided attention.

People know that you love them, and they know that you understand and accept them.


You are someone that is very sensitive, and you are able to sense the weaknesses that others have. The empath is not someone that is broken, and they are able to share their feelings even if the world thinks it’s shameful.

People don’t even have to come to you and tell you what they are feeling because you already know. Being an intuitive empath means that you will know right away what someone is feeling and going through, and your senses are so strong that you will read someone right when they come through the door.

Open Book Readings

You can read body language and other things that people let off, but you can read their emotions like an open book. You will know right away what someone is feeling and what emotions that they have.

When you meet new people or you want to go out on a date with someone, you automatically know what they are all about the minute they open their mouth.

No Trickery

You are so tuned into the emotions around you that people cannot trick you with their personality. You know when there are problems and even if you don’t know exactly what is wrong, you know that you have to pay attention to what someone is letting off around you.

Alone Time

Not only do you crave alone time, but you also need it to get your energies strong. You like to be by yourself, and you want to make yourself stronger in your mind, body, and soul.

You love being around others, but you really rely on your alone time so that you can better yourself for others.


Since you are so sensitive, you want to rescue and save others. You are compassionate and loving and you try to do what you can to make others feel better.

You have people that always come around you because you make them feel better and this is because you are a natural healer. You know what people are going through and you want to help them.


Empaths are sensitive people, and they pick up the negative energies that other people let out and so being in a large crowd of people can be overwhelming to the empath.

People that are highly sensitive people do not have a mental disorder, they are just sensitive and so they are often more stressed than others.

Being around the emotions and energies of others can make you tired and this will be why you need alone time later to recharge.

Stop Caring

Empaths often try to be selfish and to become more introverted, but they cannot stop feeling no matter how hard they try.

They will do what it takes to make others feel better and it is hard for them not to worry about others. Even people that you don’t know will make you want to help them. If you know someone is going through something hard, you have a hard time moving forward until they are better.


People will come to you that you don’t even know to tell you about their problems. People that have never even met you will come up to you and tell you about their life. They might not even know why but the truth is that you are so kind and loving that people will pick up on that and love you for it.

Fitting In

Since empaths always pick up the emotions of others, this can mean that they have to deal with the bad and negative emotions as well as the good ones.

You might start to even question your own emotions because you don’t always know if they are yours or someone else’s. You don’t have people that really understand you because you are confusing, and you are often stand offish.

You have to find a place of your own and not worry about fitting in.

Being an Empath

It is not always easy to be an empath when you are always picking up the energies of those around you. You see the beauty in others, but you also feel the sadness and the heartbreak.

Learn to let your gifting shines and be honest about what you are feeling because you are one that is saving the world.

Remember that being an empath is a gift to you and it can be as rewarding as you want to let it be. Never get upset with yourself for being sensitive and thank the universe for your amazing gifting.