Love Language

Most people have heard about love languages, but they aren’t quite sure how it can help them. There are five different love languages including physical touch, acts of service, gifts, words of affirmation and quality time. Each of these love languages can tell how you give and how you receive love.

Every person that you meet might have a different love language than you have. This is how they want to give love and how they feel that they are able to receive it. Anyone can have more than one language of love, one being primary and then a secondary language. You might even be someone that feels that they have a bit of each of the love languages. It is important for you to use your intuition to help you know and understand your own personal love language.

Your love language doesn’t have to be the same as your partners language in order for your relationship to be strong. One you know and understand your own love language and your partners love language, you will be able to work with their language and make them feel special.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is one of the first love languages. This means that you like to touch other people and you feel most loved when you are being touched. This doesn’t mean that you have to have sex, it can be touches like holding hands, rubbing shoulders, massages or more.

People that have this love language will often touch their partners a lot.

Acts of Service

The love language of acts of service means that you like to do things for people. This also means you feel most loved when someone is doing something for you. Acts of service can be something really small like getting someone a drink to something big like fixing a large dinner.

If you have a partner that uses acts of service as their love language, you need to find out exactly what they want from you so you can show them the kind of love that they need.


Gifts is one of the most common love languages of the five. These people like to give different gifts and they feel most loved when they are getting gifts. These gifts don’t have to be huge gifts like a car or cash, but the gifts need to feel heartfelt.

This kind of gifting could be a book that someone loved or something homemade.

Words of Affirmation

This love language is when someone feels most loved when they are saying kind things or when they are being talked to in a kind way. This can be “I love you,” or it can be something said that makes them feel happy, loved, or hopeful.

Quality Time

Quality time is a love language where people feel most loved when their partner is giving them quality time. This can be spending time cuddling on the couch or going out on a date. The time doesn’t have to be a lot of time at once, but it needs to be full of quality.

Final Thoughts

Love languages are a way that you can help yourself and your partner to feel more loved. Find out what your love language is and the love language of your partner and you can make your relationship even stronger.