Cleansing Bad Energy from the Aura

The aura is an invisible bubble that protects you from negative energies. This goes around your body to protect your mind, body and soul. There is energy around you everywhere and when you have a strong feeling, it can mean that you have a vibration from the universe to guide you to make good choices and to stay around things that are harmful to you. Negative energies can surround you and can come from issues in your relationships, families, and the things that you experience in your life.

When you have a lot of stress and anxiety, your aura can get full of negative energies. This can mean that it is harmful to you. You can cleanse your aura thought and this can help your aura to stay strong and protective of your energies. Here are some ways to cleanse your aura:

Go in the Rain

Go out in nature and let the rain flow on your body. Let the rain cover you from head to toe and while it does, it can cleanse your aura. This will allow the negative energies to be washed away. Don’t go out when it is lightening though because you don’t want dangerous energies to surround you.


Smudging is another way to cleanse your aura. You can do this as a traditional practice where you burn herbs and smoke away the negativity. Cleanse your aura and make sure that you are being strong. Try some of the herbs such as sage, lavender, sweetgrass and more to keep your focus clear and to keep your energy positive.


Water is a very cleansing property. Taking a bath can bring healing to your body and to your aura. Put some salt in the bath and relax and deep breathe. Imagine anything negative leaving your body and giving you calmness.

Try to use different salts such as sea salt or even Epsom salts to keep your bath peaceful. This can clear your negative energy and bring peace to your soul.

Look for Positivity

Surround yourself with positive things. Find people in your life that are positive and put yourself in situations that are positive. Allow your aura to have peace and allow the negative energies to leave you. Keep essential oils close to you so that you can connect with the scent of these, and you can get rid of any negative energy attached to yourself.

Use Nature

Nature such as the sunshine and even the wind can bring peace and healing to your body. Go outside and allow these things to flow through you, taking away anything negative. Allow your body to be full of nature and let the bad energies leave.

If you feel tired or depressed, going out in nature can help you and make you feel more alive and at peace.


Imagine that your aura has only positive energy. Let positive energies and thoughts flow throughout your body and your mind. Allow these things to come and think of a white light surrounding you as you release bad energies.

Make Your Aura Strong

Getting rid of negative energy can help to make your aura strong. Surround yourself with good things, take a bath, go out in the rain, enjoy nature, and imagine that you are at peace. By doing these things and keeping your aura cleansed, you can make sure that your mind, body, and soul are strong and full of good energies.