How to Protect Yourself as an Empath

Empaths are people that pick up the emotions of other people and even places. This can cause them to have a lot of stress and anxiety. They can protect themselves and there are some easy ways to make this happen. Make sure that you do whatever works best to give you peace and calmness.

Are the Emotions Mine or Someone Else’s?

When you are picking up the emotions and energies of other people, you will have a mood change that is fasts. This often happens when you enter a room that someone is that has negative energy. This can make you feel depressed or sometimes even sick in your body.

Try and go out of the room or move away from that person and see if your mod changes for the better. If you are an empath, it will be easy for you to pick up the feelings of others. If you are someone that picks up these emotions and feelings, you need to make sure that you are strong.

Positive Mantras and Breathing

Being around negativity can cause you to feel anxious. If you start to feel this, breathe in and out slowly and see if you get rid of the energy that is negative. Breathing helps you to relax and can help you to get negativity out of your life.

When you are doing deep breathing, say something like, “Return this energy to whoever sent it to me.” Using your voice can mean that you get rid of things that you don’t want to hold on to.

Also, when you are pushing out toxic energy, it can help you to feel better. As you release the energy, imagine it leaving your body and good energy coming in.

Leave the Area

You can move out of the area or even just a few feet away from whatever is causing you to feel bad. If you move away from someone you don’t know, don’t worry about offending them. You never have to be in a place that you don’t feel good about.

Learn to say no to negativity and you need to act in a physical way to make sure that you leave that negative space and find a place that can make you feel good and safe.

Keep to Yourself

You don’t have to hug people if you don’t want to. Hugging is one way that you can transfer your energy. Other ways include holding hands, looking each other in the eyes and any other kind of physical contact.

When someone hugs you and you are uncomfortable, make sure that you keep the hug short, otherwise just make sure that you are making your own choices when you do physical contact.

Use Water to Detox

Getting rid of stress is one way that an empath can stay strong. Try taking a salt bath to get rid of negative energy out of your life. You can even try adding essential oils such as lavender to help you to be calm.

As you let out the bath water, visualize the negative energy going down the drain and out of your space.

Setting Boundaries

In order to live your best life, you are going to have to set boundaries. You need to learn to be able to say no and when you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. Be calm and discuss the reason that you don’t want to do something. If you feel the need to apologize, say “I’m sorry, I cannot do this for you right now.”

Even with friends, family and others, it is important to set boundaries. This will keep you safe from people that are always using your energy.

Take Alone Time

Empaths need more alone time than other people do. When you are picking up negative energy, you need to get away. You need to take time to be alone. Take a few minutes to go to a place that is quiet. Don’t look at your phone, don’t answer emails, just sit and relax.

Allow your own energy to shine at this time and make sure that you are taking care of you just like you always are taking care of others.

Do Earthing

Earthing is one things that empaths can do to make their mind, body, and soul stronger. Earthing means that you go outside and take your shoes off. Allow yourself to walk in the dirt and to feel the soil between your toes. You can even walk in the sand if you live close to the beach.

Earthing can help you to be grounded and can allow you to feel stronger and balanced.

Get off Technology

Have a few times each day that you get off of your technology. Stop allowing too much information to get you stressed and anxious. Too much news and too much social media can bring frustration.

You need to especially take time before you go to bed to make sure that you are off of your technology for a little bit. This will allow you to sleep better and to have more calmness. Spend time meditating instead and get back on your technology only when you are ready.